ITV viewers fall in love with Mainga

ITV Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The fans showered the candidate Mainga Bhima with praise for her beauty last night (Sunday, February 7th).

And it seems that not only did the hit quiz show viewers think she was adorable – they claimed that host Jeremy Clarkson loved her too.

Mainga thrilled the audience (Credit: ITV)

What about Mainga about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Medical student Mainga went into the pit and immediately looked home.

She wore a jumpsuit with an animal motif and her hair in a scarf and exuded charm and confidence.

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And she wasn’t just beautiful – she did the first few laps and bagged £ 64,000.

In response to one of her questions, Mainga was asked: “In 2013 Penguin merged with what other company to form the world’s largest book publisher?”

The answer choices were Simon & Schuster, Random House, Pan Macmillan, and Harper Collins.

Mainga looked excited and said, “I can’t believe this. I worked there. I was there when they merged! It was random house!

“So I worked at Random House Publishers and then we partnered with Penguin to become Penguin Random House.”

Even though she failed to correctly answer the £ 250,000 question, viewers were already thrilled.

Who did the audience react to?

One viewer wrote: “This woman is so naughty – I love her!”

Another raved: “#WWTBAM Mainga is a goddess. I turned this on by mistake, but she tied me up! “

Who is this beautiful queen on millionaire?

“Who is this beautiful queen on millionaire?” asked another fan.

Another said, “Mainga is flirting with Jeremy and he likes it!”

Finally, a viewer asked: “How amazing is this woman on #WWTBAM !!! [heart-for-eyes emoji]

“We think @JeremyClarkson is in love too !!”

Was host Jeremy Clarkson as excited as the audience at home?

Yes, it looked like host Jeremy was a little enthusiastic about Mainga.

When she wrongly asked the £ 125,000 question, he said, “Well, it’s obviously sad because I enjoyed your company.

“I was hoping you would go very far because you still have a lifeline.”

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Unfortunately, Mainga had to leave the studio with a whopping £ 64,000 in her pocket.

And it’s clear that she impressed the audience at home and even Jeremy in the studio!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Continued on ITV this Sunday (February 14th) at 8pm.

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