“I’ve always looked forward to discovering the unexplored”: Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana has returned to Mumbai from the northeast and has many special memories to keep for a lifetime. The youth icon would like to return to the picturesque northeast soon and shows how the places and the people have left an indelible influence on him.

Ayushmann says: “I have always looked forward to discovering the unexplored. My trip to the northeast touched my heart. I have experienced so much beauty, so much love from people, so much character and diversity of our country that it will always be one of my special trips that helped me to learn more about my beautiful country. “

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He adds: “The words will always fall short when trying to describe the impact of the Northeast on myself. I’m glad we got to film in the northeast because it helped me learn something new about how amazing India is. “

Talking about the fond memories of touring and filming for Anek in the Northeast, Ayushmann says: “I can’t wait to go back to the Northeast because I came back to Mumbai with such personal and overwhelming memories. I am grateful that we were able to shoot Anek there so smoothly. It was my first time making a film in the Northeast and I didn’t expect what love I would get from the lovely people there. “

He adds, “What I appreciate most is the warmth I got from the children in the northeast. It was really something special to get to know her and immerse myself in her love. Plus, I got my family to hang out with me for some time, and we toured Kaziranga and made fond memories together. It was special and we loved every part of this quiet, relaxing vacation. “

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Ayushmann discovered the extremely popular red tea (Lal Sa) in Assam and has become a big fan of it. He reveals, “I discovered the beautiful Lal Sa (Lal Chai) and loved it very much. I drank Lal Sa on the set every day and brought it home too. It’s like I’ve brought home a little piece of Assam. Whenever I miss being in the northeast, and I feel it a lot, I make sure to make myself a cup of lal sa and think about my good time there. “

The star hopes to come back to the northeast soon! “Just the thought of northeast makes me incredibly nostalgic and beckons me to go there soon. Hopefully I’ll make a short trip as soon as my schedule allows, ”he says.

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