“I’ve given the industry two stars, one is Deepika Padukone and the other is Rakhi Sawant,” says Farah Khan.

Even as the pandemic continues to cast its shadow of stress, Zee TV seeks to lighten the country’s collective mood by offering its viewers an escape from the stress via the route of tickling comedy through its reality show Zee Comedy Show. While the show has helped every Indian family relax on their couch, with some of India’s best comedians taking their stress away, this weekend we’ll see Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kishan and Anu Malik leading us with their hilarious antics Do ROFL. They’ll be seen as special guests during the reality show spoof episode this Saturday, where all eleven comedians come together as – Team Hasaayenge and make each of us laugh out loud while delivering a hilarious take on Indian reality- Offer shows!

While the entertaining acts of all the comedians, coupled with the hilarious reactions of Farah Khan, certainly left everyone in split, it was Rakhi Sawant’s shocking revelation about their days of struggle that stunned everyone. During the shoot, Rakhi talked about how she survived with just a bowl of dal to look lean and fit, and how she would end up at auditions that she wasn’t called to do in the first place. However, it was a call from Farah Khan’s office that changed her life!

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As Rakhi Sawant revealed on the show, “I. I’ve really struggled a lot in my life. In fact, at the beginning of my career, I auditioned for anything and everything I heard about. There was a time when, even though I wasn’t called to a specific audition, I went to her office and asked her to attend my audition. My mother had told me there would be a lot of fights, but one day I could be like Helen, Madhuri Dixit, or Sridevi. I used to do my best and looked slim and fit. I used to have only one bowl of dal a day. However, it didn’t look that great. But one fine day I got a call from Farah Madam’s office and they called me for an audition at the office of Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies, and from then on things changed. As soon as I kept the phone, I passed out. My mother gave me another bowl of dal and then I came to my senses and began to prepare for my audition. “

She added: “I was told that I had to look glamorous as the character was like that. But in the chawl where I lived; You couldn’t go out in clothes like that. So I asked my mom what should I do? She gave me a set of curtains to wrap around my glamorous clothes and went to audition. When Farah ji saw me standing up, she was stunned. She asked me what I was wearing and asked if I had been commissioned to do the glamorous look. I told her yes and mentioned that she would see her character in me as soon as the cameras were on. She believed me I guess so she told her team to shoot the cameras and as soon as they started I removed the curtains, they loved my audition and immediately offered me the movie. I am really the discovery of Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and I am really grateful to both of them.

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Farah Khan also mentioned: “I’ve given the industry two megastars, one is Deepika Padukone and the other is Rakhi Sawant. Both are great actors, but I have to say that Rakhi was the most punctual, hardworking, well behaved, and most respectful girl on Main Hoon Na’s sets and I love her for that.

While Rakhi Sawant, Anu Malik, Ravi Kishan and Farah Khan’s banter and revelations are all entertaining, don’t miss the comic acts of all the artists on the Zee Comedy Show during the episode this weekend. In fact, the artists will go out of their way to keep everyone entertained when they take part in reality shows like Dance India Saregama Dance, Bigg Loss, Tum Banoge Crorepati, Thappadon Ke Khiladi, and others.

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