“I’ve never had such a great birthday party in my life, thanks to my grandchildren Zanai and Ranjai”: Asha Bhosle

Birthdays are always a quiet but familiar celebration for the Bhosle family when they experience Asha Bhosle’s 88th birthday party in her family’s farmhouse in the green hill meadows of Lonavala. After she has not celebrated her birthday in a big party for the longest time, most recently on her 75th birthday, she prefers simple, cozy moments with her children and grandchildren and the rest of her family! This year she celebrated with her daughter-in-law Anuja, her granddaughter Zanai and her grandson Ranjai, including special guests such as “Jackie Shroff, Hariharan, Prasad, Anil and other amazing people,” says Asha Bhosle.

“I can’t believe my 88th birthday will be celebrated so well. My granddaughter Zanai made me fish and even got me two cakes. Everyone was happy, ate good food and sang to music. My daughter-in-law Anuja organized an amazing vegetarian meal. I’ve never had such a great birthday party in my life, ”adds Asha Bhosle.

“My grandchildren, Zanai and Ranjai, have taken on the decoration and are therefore well equipped,” adds the singer, who has been part of the Indian entertainment industry for over 8 decades! Well, as the popular saying goes: “Youth is a gift from nature, but old age is a work of art”, here is a heartfelt and heartfelt wish for her 88th birthday to Asha Bhosle, who is affectionately called Asha Tai by her fans and well-wishers!

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