Jac and Kian were held at gunpoint tonight!

Holby City spoilers reveal Jac and Kian are being held at gunpoint. But will everyone find out alive?

In today’s scenes (Tuesday, January 26th), Kian is back at work and Jac is determined to stand by him. But they are tested when a familiar face returns.

Kian’s drug dealer Sarah Jane is taken to Holby after being worried in prison. Jac is unfazed when she tries to keep Kian straight and tight.

Jac tries to keep an eye out for Kian (Credit: BBC)

Sarah Jane’s presence worries Jac, and she begins to fear that she has bitten off more than she can chew with Kian.

But soon Jac has more pressing concerns than Sarah Jane brings danger to the hospital …

The situation gets out of hand and soon Jac and Kian are being held at gunpoint.

Sarah Jane brings trouble (Image credit: BBC)

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The episode is left on a giant cliffhanger when a shot is fired. This means fans of the BBC’s medical drama will have to wait until next week to find out the fate of Jac and Kian.

It is a life or death situation as Jac and Kian are held hostage. Will everyone survive?

Holby City Spoiler: Rosie Marcel talks about the upcoming scenes

Rosie Marcel, who plays Jac, told about the upcoming scenes Metro.co.uk: “Basically, someone is shot without revealing it. Someone in this room is being shot.

Rosie reveals someone is being shot. But who? (Image credit: BBC)

“I’m not going to say who, but you are really, really badly injured. Another episode follows where it gets even tougher, it gets a bit more drastic, the gun is pointed at everyone so there is another possible shooting is coming but we are still locked in this room, it’s a bad situation for all. “

What else will happen in the Holby episode tonight?

Meanwhile, Sacha panics when he hears that his daughter Beka is being released from the hospital.

Worried Jodie is still out there. Sacha makes desperate efforts to keep her on the station.

Will Sacha get any help? (Image credit: BBC)

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As Beka prepares to leave, she urges Sacha to find out about his grief for Essie. She soon brings her fears to Lucky and hopes that her father can be persuaded to get professional help.

Will Sacha listen to his daughter?

Holby City will air on BBC One at 5:50 p.m. tonight.

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