Jacob Hay went and fought for his life

Coronation Street drug dealer Jacob Hay will have to fight for his life after Chief Harvey turns on him.

Scheming Jacob lured Simon Barlow into a dangerous life of crime.

Jacob Hay will end up fighting for his life (Credit: ITV)

Viewers saw how he got Simon into selling drugs, torturing a teenage boy and even turning on his own mother, Leanne.

But soon the shoe will be on the other foot and Jacob will be the victim of brutal punishments from drug lord Harvey.

Next week Jacob will show Simon how he screwed Harvey.

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Jacob explains that he often takes drugs from those that Harvey passes on to him, resells them, and keeps the money for himself.

Jacob brags about Simon and tries to get him to join him in his betrayal.

Unfortunately, Harvey already knows about the theft. He confronts Simon about this to find out if he knew what Jacob was doing.

Harvey threatens to take Simon to hospital just like Jacob Hay (Credit: ITV)

A scared Simon insists he would never steal Harvey and gets himself a promotion in the process.

However, he shudders when Harvey casually mentions that Jacob is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Simon can’t say no and agrees to become the new Jacob when Harvey points out that he still owes him £ 2,000.

And when Simon tries to protest, Harvey threatens to take him to the hospital as well.

Coronation Street: Will Mellor reveals how Harvey Jacob takes Hay to the hospital

Actor Will Mellor recently opened up to ED! about how bad Harvey is.

He said, “This is a seasoned villain that people can spot.

“He’s a street person who turns vulnerable people into drug dealers because they’re not on the police’s radar.

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“It’s the lowest thing I can do to an innocent person.

“He pressures and bullies people into doing things they don’t want to do.

“The character is arrogant because he thinks he won’t be touched. There are many different levels how you play it. “

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