Jai and Laurel have even more baby heartache

Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Jai and Laurel will face more baby heartbreak in the upcoming scenes.

Last year Laurel and Jai discovered that Laurel was pregnant.

At first the two were happy to learn that they would be parents again. However, on her first scan, it became clear that not everything was as it should be.

The couple were offered a CVS test that found their unborn child had Down syndrome.

Laurel discovered she was pregnant last year (Image: ITV)

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After several discussions, the couple made the sad decision to terminate the pregnancy.

However, after the resignation, Laurel struggled to cope with it and the recovering alcoholic turned to drinking. However, she decided to get help.

Emmerdale spoilers: Jai and Laurel have more baby heartbreak

In the next week’s scenes, Jai and Laurel are confronted with the due date of the pregnancy they terminated.

Will both be fine?

The plot

Laurel and Jai made the decision to terminate the pregnancy (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale faced backlash over the Jai and Laurel story last year, with nearly 25,000 calling for it to be scrapped.

However, at the time, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw defended the soap and asked critics to look at it before passing judgment.

At an online press conference, she said, “Please take a look, please just look before you give an opinion.

“We didn’t make it easy for ourselves. We talked to as many people as possible, we did the research.

“It’s based on real life and I think people will see that.

Emmerdale faced backlash for the plot (Image credit: ITV)

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“Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable watching it, but I hope people will understand why we did it.

“It’s always a balancing act when you make stories like this, but I really believe that if you watch it, you’ll find that we have shown a balanced perspective.”

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