Jake and Liberty are making their way to the hideout tonight

In the latest Love Island news, Liberty and Jake will be the first couple to visit the hideout.

The couple won over viewers after getting along during the show’s initial pairing.

But while Jake has openly admitted his head could be twisted, could a visit to the Love Island hideout change his mind?

Liberty and Jake head to the Love Island hideout tonight (Image credit: ITV)

Love Island News: What’s Happening Tonight?

It will certainly be hot for the Islanders in the ITV2 series.

During today’s show, Faye receives a text that reads: “Islanders. The hideaway is open tonight.

“Please choose a happy couple to spend the night alone. #taketheplunge #latenightsnack. “

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The Islanders then decide that Liberty and Jake should spend a romantic night together.

At Beach Hut, Liberty says, “Well, the Hideaway will open for the first time in 2021. I’m excited to see what it looks like and what happens.”

But will sparks fly between the two?

Kaz and Toby take their romance to the next level (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Kaz and Toby share their first kiss.

The two have been together since day one and it seems they are ready to take their romance a step further.

Toby opens up on the balcony and says, “I almost held back because I think about things that I don’t have to think about. I’m scared of hugging everything and diving in because I’m not sure of my feelings.

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“I’m afraid of hurting your feelings. The last thing I want is to hurt you. But if I keep thinking like this, we never get to the next level. “

Fortunately, the conversation ends with the couple who shut their lips.

And they’re not the only ones enjoying a steaming hickey tonight!

Former candidate Shannon appeared on Aftersun last night (Image: ITV)

Shannon cleans the dirt on her former islanders

After her sudden exit last week, Shannon has opened up to her other villa stars.

The model discussed her time on the show at Aftersun and had a lot to say when it came to contestant Chloe.

She shared, “I think some people are playing in front of the cameras like Chloe plays tactics … but it’s a game show! So that’s to be expected. “

I think some people are playing in front of the cameras

However, the Scottish star does not condone the death threats recently sent to Chloe’s family.

In a separate chat on GMB today, Shannon said, “Your family came out and made the statement about these death threats and the stuff they’re getting, which I don’t have at all.

“It’s a game show, you know it has a job to do. The fact that she’s getting such terrible feedback from everyone is not really nice. “

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