Jake Cornish “doesn’t speak to any of the girls outside the mansion”

Love Island star Jake Cornish has admitted he hasn’t heard from any of the girls since leaving the mansion.

Jake left the mansion with fellow countryman Liberty Poole after their relationship broke up.

He came under fire from some onlookers for his treatment of Liberty, but the couple seemed to smooth things out once they left.

However, Jake has now announced that he has not been in contact with any of the girls.

Love Island’s Jake said he hadn’t had any contact with any of the girls (Image Credit: ITV2)

Jake Cornish on Love Island

Keep talking FUBAR radio, Jake stated, “I don’t speak to any of the girls. I think I’m a lone wolf on this side.

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“You are there and I just walked this path.”

During the chat, Jake said he was still talking to a lot of the guys.

Love Island star Jake Cornish
Jake split viewers during his time at the mansion (Image: ITV2)

He said, “Everyone is in a group chat, but the group chat is no more.

“I’m talking to Brad, Liam, Danny, Tyler … Aaron Francis.”

Jake added, “I’ll talk to you [the other guys] here and there when they text me on Instagram but really on WhatsApp where you will talk to them is a handful of guys.

“There are probably six of the guys.”

Love Island Jake Cornish and Liberty
Liberty and Jake split and left the mansion days before the finale (Image credit: ITV2)

And that’s not all. Jake also announced that he and Brad McClelland were considering moving in together.

The reality star said, “There are talks about it. There are conversations between me and Brad. We want to live together.

“It would probably be Manchester’s way because my agent is in Liverpool. I want it to be Essex or Manchester.

“It can be one or the other. We just find our feet on what we’re going to do and then we’ll see. “

However, he added, “At the moment it’s just getting started.”

Love Island star Jake Cornish
Jake said he was speaking to the boys outside the mansion (Image credit: ITV2)

Jake entered the Love Island mansion back in June.

He instantly bonded with Liberty and they stayed together, got stronger and stronger, and even became boyfriend and girlfriend.

After Casa Amor, however, things got sour between the couple and Jake wasn’t on the good side of the audience.

During a movie night, the girls were able to see what the boys were up to during Casa Amor, and in one scene Jake appeared to encourage the other boys to cheat.

In another clip, Jake also admitted that he didn’t want to “rip the clothes off” Liberty in the early stages of the show.

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Liberty and Jake gave up and left the villa a few days before the finale.

In this year’s series, Millie Court and Liam Reardon won the show.

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