Jake Quickenden is going to propose to his girlfriend Sophie “very soon,” he admits

Jake Quickenden and his girlfriend Sophie Church will get engaged “very soon,” as the pop-hunk Entertainment Daily announced exclusively.

The new parents welcomed their son Leo eleven weeks ago, and the boy has settled in well at home with older brother Fred, six, from Sophie’s previous relationship.

And now it seems that Jake intends to turn Sophie into an honest woman.

He said to ED !: “Usually people are married, then they have kids, but we did it the other way around.”

Jake Quickenden is going to propose to his girlfriend “very soon” (Credit: Splash News)

What did Jake Quickenden say about girlfriend Sophie?

Jake admitted that he absolutely admired Sophie and her maternal abilities.

“She works so hard, bless her, she is back at work,” he admitted.

“She’s a PA for a financial advisor, so she got back to work. She does three days a week and juggles him, she is definitely a diamond. “

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And it seems like that could end up on her finger very soon.

“We’re not engaged yet. I just leave it at that. Very soon. Very soon. I will get on one knee very soon.

“Obviously it’s on the cards,” he said.

The wedding bells won’t ring just yet, however, as Jake admitted he was waiting for the pandemic to be completely over before walking down the aisle.

“But I kind of want to have a big wedding so I can wait until everything is clear,” he said.

Jake Quickenden and friend Sophie “support each other as much as possible”

The couple had a brief breakup at the beginning of Sophie’s pregnancy with Leo, but it appears they are now stronger than ever.

“We’ll do the whole baby together,” Jake admitted.

“We’re just trying to support each other as much as possible. I think we have a really strong relationship that way.

“When we had Leo, I wanted to be practical and I have the opportunity where I don’t work so much and can be at home. It was really nice because I got to know Leo very well.

“I also learned a lot about myself. I am a lot more patient than I thought.

“I feel like it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. Not only was I tough last year, but I also have a great little baby with me. “

Jake Quickenden and girlfriend Sophie
We’ll soon be hearing wedding bells for Jake Quickenden and girlfriend Sophie (Image Credit: YouTube)

Jake admits there are parenting issues – but girlfriend Sophie couldn’t be better.

Jake also admitted that parenting is “a lot harder” than he “ever expected” to be.

He said, “It’s a lot harder than I ever expected to be honest, and I just take my hat off to every parent out there.

“You face so many different hurdles – I am more worried than ever, even though I could be. I am worried about everything.

“You have to expect and expect to worry until he’s 18, and then you probably will still worry. But it’s amazing.

“I wouldn’t change anything for the world – even an hour’s sleep at night. I’m staring at this perfect little thing that me and Sophie did and I love it, ”he said.

“Soph couldn’t be better,” he added.

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“I knew how good she was going to be because she had Fred and how he turned out to be a person. But she impresses me every day with the way she handles things. “

When asked how Baby Leo is doing, Jake said to ED !: “He’s smiling, he’s cooing, he’s starting to notice his hands.

“He’s 11 weeks old now and in a few weeks he’ll be giggling away. Every day he does something different and I’m just like that, aww.

“It’s beautiful. It’s everything.”

Jake Quickenden and Baby Leo
Jake is the father of adorable baby Leo (Image Credit: Instagram)

Spread a little daily friendliness

Jake has come across his fair share of trolls during his time in public, but when they recently started targeting little Leo he said he just couldn’t understand.

“I’m my worst enemy because I hit back,” he admitted.

“I sat down with Soph the other day and she said, ‘You have to ignore it. ‘

“You have to go through a few [bleep] when they are ready to do this to a newborn. So I try to focus on the positive and the loved ones. “

One such positive result is its collaboration with Thortful and Public Health England.

“I just think that we are so controlled by negative comments and how quickly they can change the way we think.

“Comments online, or when someone says something sarcastic online, can really affect your whole day.

“Somebody told me about this campaign with Thortful in association with Public Health England, and a little act of kindness can just really help someone and change their day.

“So Thortful is giving away 10,000 free cards and you can send them to someone. Receive a card or a smile on the street or a WhatsApp message asking your friends how you can make someone’s day. I just think it’s so important.

“You can go online and fill out the Mind Plan on the Public Health page. It’s five questions that assess how you are feeling and that will give you useful things to make you feel better. And when you do, you will receive the code and the free card.

“If I randomly sent a card to my mother, it would cheer her up all week.

“We focus a lot on the negatives, but we can be more positive and say nice things and change someone’s day just by sending a message.”

“My father would have been a great grandpa.”

On the subject of his parents, ED! asks if it’s bittersweet that Jake can’t share his new role as father with his own father Paul or younger brother Oliver.

Paul died in 2008 and Oliver died in 2012 at the age of 19 – both had battle bone cancer.

“I always keep that in mind,” Jake admitted.

I wouldn’t change anything for the world – even an hour’s sleep at night. I’m staring at this perfect little thing that me and Sophie did and I love it.

“My father would have been a great grandpa and Oliver would have been the best uncle.

“It’s bittersweet, but I believe that you are somewhere where you can see and that you are proud of him and proud of me.

“That kind of thing also drives me to be a good father, a good father just like my father, and make Leo really become a good man.”

Jake is eager to keep her memory alive – especially for Leo, whose middle name is Oliver.

“I always talk about her. It’s important to keep the memory alive and talk about it as much as possible.

“When he grows up, Leo will see shows I’ve done where I talk about my father and Oliver.

“You’re always a part of me so you’ll be a part of him and I’ll let him know how great you would have been.”

Hunky Jake wants Leo to be a footballer (Credit: Splash News)

Looking to Leo’s future

When it comes to his son’s future, Jake has a pretty stereotypical idea of ​​what Leo should be.

“Well, whatever he wants to be, I’ll support it, but I want him to be a footballer. I think this is every dad’s dream, ”he admitted.

“If he likes sports, it’s a blessing. If he doesn’t, he will be good at something and I will support him in whatever he wants to do.

“I’ll be there, just like my father. The number of classes I went to as a kid – I did everything from ballet to boxing to figure out what I wanted to do.

“And it turned out that being a fool on reality TV was what I was perfect for,” he laughed.

What’s next for Jake in terms of work?

Contrary to reports, Jake won’t go out to sing on a cruise ship for six months.

Instead, he told ED! that he has a six month contract but will be back to Sophie, Leo and Fred every few weeks.

“I’m a little worried about going back to work. I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks at a time and that scares me a little.

“I think a lot of people have reached the end of the lockdown and are worried about normal life.

“It’s a six month contract, so six months of work, but I’ll be away two weeks, one week at home, one week away, one week at home, so it’s too bad.

“I wouldn’t go away for six months even if I didn’t have a baby,” he said.

When Sophie read the reports that he would be gone six months, how did she feel if she had to hold the baby for possibly six months?

“She read it and said, ‘What, you’re going away for six months ?! ‘

“She’s taking it with a pinch of salt now,” Jake concluded.

Jake has partnered with Thortful, the greeting card marketplace, which is donating 10,000 free cards to support Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters campaign. Please visit the website for more information Here.

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