James Hewitt – Princess Diana lover – works at ‘£ 4k-a-year gardener’

James Hewitt, the former lover of Princess Diana, is said to have secured a new job.

Hewitt, now 62, made headlines after starting a five-year affair with the late princess in 1986 – two years after the birth of her youngest son, Prince Harry.

In her Panorama interview, Diana admitted that she was deeply in love with the former Golgotha ​​officer.

However, after years of mingling with royals and celebrities, he seems to have stepped back from the limelight and is now enjoying the simpler things in life.

James Hewitt began a five-year affair with Princess Diana (Image credit: YouTube)

What is James Hewitt’s new job?

James is said to be a gardener on the grounds of the apartment he shares with his elderly mother in Devon.

Not only that, the job is said to only pay £ 4,000 a year.

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The Daily mail revealed pictures of the former Debonair ex-military man dressed in crumpled khakis, a purple shirt, a flat cap and sunglasses for work.

He saw him mow the lawn and rake leaves where his mother has a two bedroom apartment.

The area is not exactly small. They reportedly stretch over six acres and include two ponds.

Sounds like James works hard for a living!

James Hewitt these days
However, it appears that James (seen here at a party with a friend) upset the neighbors on the premises he works on (Credit: Splash News)

He’s already upset the neighbors

However, it appears that James upset the neighbors without shying away from controversy.

Residents of the 17th century mansion near Exeter have claimed that he “mutilated” a centuries-old yew tree in an attempt to “make it look regal and shape it like a wine glass.”

We had a few angry words with him that went both ways. He can use four letter words if he wants.

As a result, residents Pauline and Barry Presswell admit they fell over the tree with Hewitt.

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Barry revealed, “He made a dog dinner out of a beautiful 100 year old yew tree that we can see from our window and that we used to love.

“Hewitt said he wanted it to look ‘regal and shaped like a wine glass’ and brought a tree surgeon that cost residents £ 1,500 and he cut it off.”

His wife added that it now looks like “an octopus”.

She added, “We had a few angry words with him that went both ways. He can use four letter words if he wants, and my husband called him a [bleep]. We don’t talk to him anymore. “

Charles and Diana at polo
Charles and Diana split in 1992 (Credit: Splash News)

So what happened between James Hewitt and Princess Diana?

In 1991, his former fiancée announced that they had broken up over his affair with Diana.

It is said to have taken five years since 1986 when he was asked to give Diana riding lessons.

After the matter became public, he was repeatedly accused of profiting from their romance.

In her now infamous Martin Bashir interview, she said of Hewitt, “Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him.

However, she added, “But I was very disappointed.”

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