Jamie tells Gabby to have an abortion and fans are disgusted

Emmerdale fans were disgusted with Jamie Tate when he tried to force Gabby Thomas to have an abortion.

In last night’s ITV soap double bill (Thursday, February 18), Gabby discovered she was pregnant with Jamie Tate’s child.

After taking a pregnancy test, which came back positive, she told her stepmother Laurel that the baby’s father would not be interested.

Gabby is pregnant (Image credit: ITV)

Gabby later visited Jamie and told him about a pregnancy, but he didn’t respond well to the news.

At first he accused her of lying about the baby, but then she explained that she had no reason to lie.

Emmerdale: Jamie tells Gabby to quit

In tears, Gabby told him he hadn’t even bothered to ask how she was feeling, and he replied, “I don’t care how you feel.”

Then he told her it had only been a few weeks and it was not a big deal and they could “get rid of it”.

Jamie asked for a resignation. But Gabby refused (Credit: ITV)

As tears ran down Gabby’s face, Jamie asked if he could leave her to organize a resignation and she said she would sort it out.

Gabby later told Jamie’s mother Kim about the pregnancy.

When Jamie got home he was angry to see Gabby there and he was even angrier when he found out Gabby was telling her about the baby.

Kim loved the news (Credit: ITV)

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He said to Gabby, “We talked about it. It doesn’t happen. You agreed. “

But Gabby stood her ground and said it was her body and her choice. She refused to give notice because it was convenient for him. She then told him that she would keep the baby.

Fans were disgusted with Jamie’s behavior calling him “mean” for trying to force Gabby to have an abortion.

What’s next for Gabby?

Next week’s spoilers reveal that Laurel is worried about Gabby when she shocks Jamie by announcing that she is moving to the Home Farm.

But how will Jamie react?

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