Jane Moore apologizes when Paris Fury swears to be on the air

Jane Moore, host of Loose Women, was a little red in the face today (February 17th) when her co-host Paris Fury swore live on the air.

The incident happened while Jane was walking to Paris at her home.

Loose Women’s guest panelist, 31, who is married to boxer Tyson Fury, is pregnant with her sixth child.

And she let the curse slip when she talked about her pregnancy.

Wash out your mouth, Paris!

Paris Fury swore by Loose Women live today (Credit: ITV)

What did Paris Fury say about Loose Women today?

Paris shared a story about husband Tyson accidentally divulging pregnancy news during an interview.

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Until then, the star of the Loose Women should publish the news exclusively on the ITV day show.

When Paris talked about Tyson’s slip, he made his own.

She said, “Up until then it was a great idea [bleep] Hit the fan. “

Jane Moore loose women
Jane Moore apologized twice for the slip (Credit: ITV)

What did Jane Moore say about swearing?

Jane entered quickly and apologized for the mistake.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that little language!” She noticed.

Paris also apologized to the audience.

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She said, “Oh, I’m sorry!”

Brenda Edwards grimaced while Janet Street-Porter just smiled as Jane continued chatting with Paris.

And we want to apologize again for that little swear – just a little excitement!

At the end of the show, Jane again apologized for the mishap.

She said, “And we want to apologize again for that little swearing – just a little excitement!”

When the clip of the interview was later added to YouTube, the swearing was gone.

What did viewers say about swearing by loose women today?

On the hole, the onlookers weren’t too concerned about the slip.

I don’t know why, but someone Curse daytime live TV never stops being funny, ”said one viewer.

“Dear Paris anger,” said another with three emojis crying with laughter.

“[Bleep] Hit the fan. Say it like it is, girl, ”interjected another.

Another said after watching the Tyson Fury documentary, swearing was “natural”.

However, not all say the funny side.

One accused Paris of “abandoning” the show with her language.

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