Janet Scott’s killer Simon Mellors had previously murdered

Janet Scott was murdered by her partner Simon Mellors in January 2018 in a disgusting crime that resulted in Ms. Scott’s six children having no mother.

The crime was all the more shocking since Mellor’s murderer had committed the same crime years ago.

Why was he released from prison to kill again?

Everything you need to know is here.

Little did Janet Scott know that her boyfriend Simon Mellors had killed his former girlfriend (Credit: YouTube)

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Who Killed Janet Scott? What happened to her?

Former NHS employee Janet Scott dated Simon Mellors for nine months before he killed her.

As the young relationship became more permanent, Janet had no idea that Simon was a convicted murderer who was released from prison

They met one evening and hit it off, but his behavior became more and more controlling.

Eventually, Janet decided to end the relationship that had become toxic.

A month later, Simon murdered her.

Janet was killed instantly when former partner Simon drove his car on her.

Simon stabbed Janet into her house and turned his car on her when she escaped and tried to get help from a Nottingham traffic officer.

It happened on the morning of January 29, 2018 on Peel Street in Nottingham city center.

Why Did Simon Mellors Kill Janet Scott?

Janet Scott ended her relationship with Simon Mellors in early January 2018.

She waited until after Christmas and New Years when she felt sorry for him.

Ms. Scott reunited with her husband Chris Scott after their relationship with Simon Mellors ended.

Taking control of Simon decided he’d rather kill Janet than see her happy with someone else.

When Sgt Holmes interviewed Simon Mellors, he found that there were “similarities” between the circumstances in which he killed Janet Scott and his former partner, Pearl Black.

He said, “The relationship ended a month earlier and the woman was in a relationship with a new man.

“They attacked the victim with an iron bar around the head and body, ligated with cable ties and strangled her to death.

“Obviously, Simon, there are similarities between the crime committed in May 1999 and the one for which you were arrested.”

He asked Simon Mellors if he wanted to say something, but he was silent and didn’t even say “no comment”.

Data from his phone showed that he had repeatedly Googled Janet’s name and also looked for “men who murdered two women in the UK”.

The night before he killed her, he sent a text that said, “I have nothing to live for if you go.”

Clive Driscoll - Interview - Former Detective Chief Inspector.
Former Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll is interviewed on Countdown to Murder (Image Credit: Channel 5).

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Why was Simon Mellors released to kill again?

Simon Mellors killed his former partner Pearl Black a month after she broke up with him.

He beat and strangled Pearl to death in 1999 while her two young children slept next door.

A judge sentenced him to life imprisonment, but he was released under license in early 2014.

He was serving a murder sentence of at least 12 years.

The Justice Department apologized for the “unacceptable defects” that killed him again.

A review found that the probation service had not responded to Ms. Scott’s concerns about Mellors prior to her death.

The ministry said more workers have been hired since the murder, but the unions said the staff remained overworked.

If someone serving a life sentence is released under license, they can be recalled to prison at any time if it is considered a risk to the public.

George Black, the brother of Mellors’ first victim, Pearl, said he believed the Justice Department’s actions did not go far enough.

“This man was angry and he escaped justice,” he said. “I don’t think the judicial system takes crimes against women seriously.”

Where is Simon Mellors now?

Simon Mellors was incarcerated in Strangeways Prison after killing Janet Scott.

However, he committed suicide while in custody.

He wasn’t on trial for Janet’s murder.

Prosecutor Gregor Purcell said: “Simon Mellors committed suicide while in custody at Strangeways in Manchester.

“He was remanded in custody in this court for murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.”

Janet Scott and her daughter Amelia Karnstein, who was very vocal about the justice system after her mother died (Image credit: YouTube)
Janet Scott and her daughter Amelia Karnstein, who was very vocal about the justice system after her mother passed away (Photo credit: YouTube)

Countdown to the murder on channel 5

Documentary film about the murder of Janet Scott who was killed by her partner Simon Mellors.

Simon had hidden a dark and violent secret …

He had spent the past 14 years in jail for the murder of his ex-partner.

In the months leading up to Janet’s death, Simon showered her with gifts and attentions.

But their relationship changed drastically as Simon took increasing control of who she saw, her home and her life.

Feeling choked, Janet decided to end things, with dire consequences.

Countdown to Murder will air on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. on Channel 5.

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