Janhvi Kapoor becomes the new face of a feminine hygiene brand

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Paree Sanitary Pads announced the youth icon Janhvi Kapoor as the new face of the brand. Janhvi will support the Paree brand and advocate the importance of menstrual hygiene. The brand has also launched a new campaign showcasing Janhvi Kapoor with its new range of sanitary towels – Paree Super ™ Ultra with double springs ™.

Paree Sanitary Pads, a leading domestic company for personal hygiene products, is breaking new ground with its product innovation. With Janhvi Kapoor on board, the brand’s identity is to be established as a young Indian brand that is revolutionizing the feminine hygiene market. There is a real synergy between the brand’s personality and Janhvi’s personality that resonates with young women who want to reach out to the brand.

The new TVC is an interesting and light-hearted take on the widespread commentary – Iskey Toh Parr Nikal Aaye which a girl gets to hear when she questions social norms and boundaries. The new communication with Janhvi Kapoor turns this idea on its head by asking women not to hold back physically or psychologically during their period. It shows Janhvi dancing herself off the bat during her period.

Watch the TVC here:

Sahil Dharia, Founder and CEO of Soothe Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to have Janhvi Kapoor as our brand ambassador. She is a young and talented actress with a strong connection with the youth of the country. As a feminine hygiene brand, we understand the many avatars of the modern Indian woman and provide them with products according to their needs. Despite being a star, Janhvi looks real and relatable which makes her popular with the girls out there and makes her a perfect fit for the brand. We look forward to this club. “

Commenting on her thoughts on working with Paree Sanitary Pads, Janhvi said, “This association is very important to me as it has given me the opportunity to reach millions of young girls and encourage them to go back to their menstrual lives. Because if you have rule problems, you have paree. Also, I have always supported Indian brands since the beginning of my career and it makes me proud to be a part of their journey and I look forward to this exciting partnership with Paree. “

The partnership of Paree Sanitary Pads with Janhvi Kapoor not only gives the brand a strong face, but also someone who embodies the brand philosophy of strength and empathy. The company has skyrocketed and through this association wants to reach its consumers in a more reliable way.

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