Jasmine Harman nervous of body shamers before traveling to weight loss

Jasmine Harman was lauded by fans after celebrating her natural body on social media.

The 45-year-old presenter of A Place In The Sun proudly showed off her figure on Instagram today (October 11) when she modeled a crop top and leggings.

In the caption, Jasmine stated that she was nervous about posting the photo.

Jasmine Harman talks about the importance of body positivity

The shot showed Jasmine posing in a purple gym.

Alongside the photo, she wrote: “I have searched a lot for souls to share my progress photos and a few people have encouraged me to practice what I preach about body positivity, not to feel like hiding, whatever your body is size or shape.

“I have a hard time sharing this photo as I still don’t feel“ ready ”and hope that no one will“ be ashamed ”of me.

I hope someone out there feels empowered and represented

“I thought of including it in my story so that it would go away at least after 24 hours, then I realized that this would be my 1,400th post and if you follow me for a while you will know that I love to say something a all 100 posts somewhat profound and meaningful! So here it is. “

Jasmine also added, “Yes, I have a big belly. However. I hope someone out there feels empowered and represented.

“Not everyone on IG had the perfect body or the perfect life! We can only do our best and being kind and honest with ourselves is a great starting point. “

Jasmine Harman spoke about body positivity (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

The TV star also added a number of meaningful hashtags, including “real bodies”, “not pregnant” and “progress”.

Jasmine’s post received a lot of supportive comments from fans.

One said, “Well done Jasmine, very brave of you. You look great! It’s a shame it doesn’t feel right to post this. “

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Another added, “But it’s a normal body … and that’s why we love you!”

A third wrote, “You are beautiful and representative of what most of us look like. Thank you for sharing normality. “

A fourth wrote, “Oh look, a real woman and one who has had children. You look great!”

Jasmine Harman presents A Place in the Sun
Jasmine Harman presents A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 (Credit: C4)

Jasmine talks about her weight

Meanwhile, Jasmine spoke to Entertainment Daily about her weight in April of this year.

In an honest chat, the star admitted to having gained “extra love handles” during the lockdown.

However, she decided to address the problem and started exercising again.

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She told us, “I never expected to eat junk food or exercise again, so I really felt like I was abandoning myself and other people inspired by my weight loss journey was.

“So I decided I need to get clean.”

Speaking of training, Jasmine said, “I definitely feel more myself. I still have wobbles and moments when I’m not nice to myself, but I think we all do and that’s just part of life . “

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