Jay Bhanushali is overwhelmed to receive the best Diwali gift ever for COLORS ” BIGG BOSS ‘!

The morals in the Bigg Boss house are not the same as the roommates cannot celebrate the Diwali Festival of Lights with their family. With that in mind, Bigg Boss gave attendees a fantastic opportunity to be with them in a good mood as their families sent them gifts!

But there is a catch; Only two roommates can decide whether or not their competitors can open gifts from their families. The two candidates decide to have their gifts opened, but the cost is unacceptable to Tejassvi. She still insists on the gift, but they don’t give in. Karan is also turned down when he asks for his gift, making Tejassvi even more angry. She even fights for his gift, but in vain. Tejasswi collapses after rejection and says: “Dil nahi hai logon mine!” Meanwhile, Jay folds his hands and asks the duo to give him his gift, saying: “Samajh lo, yeh ehsaan kabhi bhool nahi paaunga! I really need it. ” His prayers are answered and he finally gets the gift from his family.

Then Jay sits in a corner and eagerly begins opening his present. To his absolute delight, it is a frame with the name of his daughter Tara created from a collage of her family photos. Overwhelmed and broken down, Jay shows how much he misses his family! The other roommates Karan, Vishal and Ieshaan come on site to show their support. Ieshaan gets emotional himself when he sees Jay cry. His gift also includes his daughter’s clothes and shoes and a bedsheet with a message that reads: “Papa love you!” Jay’s unmistakable reaction is enough to prove he couldn’t ask for a better Diwali gift!