“Jayeshbhai Jordaar is designed to be an entertainer!” Says writer and director Divyang Thakkar

Superstar Ranveer Singh star Jayeshbhai Jordaar is one of the most anticipated films of 2021. The expected project is directed by debutant Divyang Thakkar, whose screenplay Ranveer himself referred to as a “miracle script”. On his birthday, we managed to talk to the director, who opened up to the media for the first time, about how Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a typical cinematic experience!

“I think on the other side of this pandemic, we all long for that community experience where we’re chatting, laughing and crying together, with absolute strangers, that’s the experience we all crave. And I hope Jayeshbhai Jordaar manages to deliver on that front because he’s primarily designed as an entertainer, ”says Divyang, who is an absolute Bollywood outsider and who lit his Aditya Chopra film green in record time on his script . He adds, “Aside from entertainment, I really hope that if we can ask anywhere, what does it really take to be a Jordaar mard? and you know, if somewhere with Jayeshbhai Jordaar we manage to break this stereotype of the typical action hero and just start a dialogue about our perception of masculinity, then we have achieved what we set out to do. ”

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Divyang’s entry into the YRF was purely meritorious. He didn’t know anyone to turn to, got an email address from YRF’s local producer Maneesh Sharma, and rushed his bound script on him! Little did he expect an instant call back from Maneesh, who raved about how solid his material was and immediately set up a meeting with Aditya Chopra! Adi was also enthusiastic about the script and discussed the project with Ranveer. The superstar was also surprised by Divyang’s brilliance and couldn’t wait to start filming. Divyang, a directorial debutant, hadn’t expected a turnaround that quickly because it all happened within a month! Not only was he a YRF director groomed by Maneesh and Aditya Chopra, but he was also hired to direct YRF’s marquee talent Ranveer Singh in his directorial debut!

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Divyang says his birthday wish would always be to have the discipline to write his thoughts on paper and spend time developing original scripts because that worked for him. He says, “You know, when I was writing Jayeshbhai Jordaar, I wasn’t thinking about who would eventually make it, what scale it would be assembled to, who would play in it, I just wrote it for the sheer joy of writing and create this story. I want this honesty and excitement to continue in my future work. Don’t worry about the result, just enjoy writing and creating. “

Divyang adds, “Well, that would be my wish and another wish is to just be grateful forever. What happened to me is almost like a fable of how I could tell the story and tell it in the purest form in which I wanted to tell it. Without delusions or without compromise. That it happened the way it happened in Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a miracle to me. To count my blessings to all who have made it possible for me to tell this story. “

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