Jean Slater tries to be arrested to see Stacey

EastEnders’ Jean Slater will go to desperate efforts when she gets out of hand.

With her daughter Stacey, now in jail for a crime she didn’t commit, Jean struggles to come to terms with it.

Jean tries to get arrested (Credit: BBC)

And when Stacey’s children decided to move in with their father Martin and his wife Ruby, Jean stopped sobbing.

Now Jean will go completely off track.

Sharon is excited about her new gym, but isn’t happy when Jean’s cleaning service isn’t up to date.

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She doesn’t know, Jean is beside himself with worry about Stacey.

Soon Jean begins to act uncharacteristically when she steals a delivery truck and crashes it.

Sharon tries to persuade Jean while at the same time she has to persuade the delivery man to let him go.

Jean and Sharon have heart to heart that Jean admits she is worried about her family.

Sharon talks about her new found brother and soon Jean gets an idea.

But what will she do?

Jean Slater dies in EastEnders?

Jean found a lump earlier this year, just months after beating cancer.

She later went to the doctor for a biopsy but was unable to do it and fled the appointment.

Jean later made a video for her family explaining that she knew her cancer was back and she didn’t want treatment. However, it appears that she never showed the video to her family.

Jean Slater is convinced her cancer has returned (Image Credit: BBC)

Although Jean believes her cancer is back, it’s worth noting that she didn’t get the results from the doctor.

It has not been revealed whether Jean will die or whether actress Gillian Wright will leave.

However, fans believe that Jean’s cancer has not returned.

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One said, “Jean never got her results (if she had the tests at all). She only says what she thinks is true. #Eastenders. “

A second said, “Jean will look like a real fool if it turns out she won’t die. #EastEnders. ”

“I’m sure Jean is lying about the cancer, so the charges are being dropped #eastenders,” said another.

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