Jeremy Clarkson says she will do no harm to the monarchy

Jeremy Clarkson attacked Meghan Markle in his latest tabloid column.

The former Top Gear presenter dismissed the Duchess of Sussex as a “toast” and rejected any idea that her presence would affect the royals in any significant way.

When considering her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Clarkson joked that he agreed with Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan.

But the 60-year-old denied the suggestion made by former GMB host Piers that Meghan had harmed the monarchy.

Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t seem to have much time for Meghan Markle (Image Credit: CBS / Harpo Productions)

Jeremy Clarkson is the newest star in Meghan Markle

Clarkson wrote in The Sun: “Yes, she is adored by the young and foolish who believe that her mark of simple sacrifice will one day overturn the monarchy, but it will not.”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The personality made a number of claims regarding previous challenges to royal reputation.

Among those mentioned were matters, abdications, the illnesses from which George III suffered, and references to Prince Andrew.

He also cited the 1987 It’s A Royal Knockout charity event hosted by convicted sex offender Stuart Hall.

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Clarkson went on to suggest that if the monarchy can survive these crises, it will not be bowed to anything Meghan has to say.

He wrote, “I’m pretty sure it will get through this mundane considerations of a stupid little cable TV actress. ”

He also suggested that it is already yesterday’s news, high on the agenda with headlines about Boris Johnson and Busse.

Meghan at an event
Clarkson claimed Meghan had a “mark of easy sacrifice” (Credit:

Clarkson admitted, however, that she may be on the news in the future – but will not have staying power.

According to him, this is because Meghan has reportedly conflicted with several members of her family and “likely anyone with an IQ greater than 32”.

Markle’s toast.

He also suggested that one day her fans would “grow up”. He believes that this means that they will realize that other alternatives to a head of state such as a president are insufficient substitutes.

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Raising Princess Diana

Clarkson also hinted that Meghan may be following in Princess Diana’s footsteps.

In conclusion, he referred to pictures of Diana published in tabloids after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Princess Diana
Clarkson also brought up Princess Diana in his chatter (Credit:

He wrote, “Markle’s toast and within five years, I suspect, she’ll be posing for photos alone in front of the Taj Mahal or sitting on the back of a Playboy yacht in the Mediterranean and poor old Piers will realize he’s lost Job about absolutely nothing. “


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