Jessika Power asks trolls to leave her alone

Married at First Sight Australian star Jessika Power begs Trolls to leave her alone and move on to series six.

The star says she has been inundated with horrific online abuse.

The model and social media influencer, 28, has taken to her social media to demand an end to negativity.

On Instagram, the Australian beauty explains that the show first aired in Australia two years ago.

And that she’s a completely different person now.

Jessika just wants to move on now (Credit: Channel 4 / Nine)

What did Jessica say about trolls?

One long post states, among other things: “I understand that a lot of you are watching or have just finished my #mafs trip and have some very strong opinions about me, but leaving nasty and insulting comments on my photos just makes you feel bad just as awful as the girl you judge by 2 years ago. “

She continued, “Let it go.

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“Personal growth is a good thing and can be practiced by absolutely anyone who wants to grow or learn from past mistakes. Just because my least favorite version of me was captured on film doesn’t mean I have to stay that way forever. “

She went on to say that she learned from both rounds of backlash from MAFS Australia.

dan jessika
Jessika with her former partner Dan Webb (Image Credit: Channel 4 / Nine)

How has Jessika changed since MAFS Australia?

Jessika claims to be kinder and less judgmental now.

She wrote, “I’ve made up for much of the pain I’ve caused and learned to be kinder and more empathetic as I get older and more mature.”

Finally, she thanked her supporters. And said she really appreciates the positive attitude of her fan base.

In fact, dozens of her fans rushed to throw their support at the star.

As one user raved, “Everyone learns from their mistakes in life and strives to become a better person. You can do it girls. “

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In the meantime, another praised: “THIS !! Find a single person on this planet who is perfect, no, I would not have thought that.

“We all [bleep] and we all hopefully learn from it. You go girl “

In addition, a third user quipped, “It was a TV show !!! You made it very entertaining and I loved that it probably wouldn’t have been invested like that if you hadn’t brought the drama with you. So thank you very much! I thought you were awesome. “

Jessika has stunned UK viewers at MAFS Australia for the past few weeks when she swapped “husbands”.

She gave up on her original husband, Mike Gould, for Dan Webb.

However, she is no longer with Dan and even befriended his original “wife” Tamara Joy.

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