Jo Whiley “talks about palliative care” for a disabled sister affected by COVID

Jo Whiley announced that her family spoke “palliative care” for her critically ill disabled sister 24 hours ago.

The Radio 2 DJ is currently frantic after her sister Frances was struck down with COVID-19.

Jo’s 53-year-old sister has both the rare genetic disease Cri du Chat and diabetes and is in intensive care.

The star, who appeared on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show today (Feb.22), spoke of Frances’ fight.

Jo held back the tears and said, “It was without a doubt the worst week of our lives.

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“We talked about palliative medicine 24 hours ago. She gathered yesterday and we see her oxygen levels rise, so for now we have hope. 24 hours ago we had no hope at all.

“She’s a great fighter, she’s always been a great fighter. I just hope that your spirit will get you through. “

Jo Whiley says her family had “the worst week of their lives” due to her sister’s hospitalization (Credit:

When did Jo Whiley’s sister contract COVID-19?

Jo first spoke publicly about her sister’s fight against COVID-19 on February 15.

She explained that Frances had not yet received a vaccine against the virus, so had been shielded.

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“I feel like I’m in a terrible movie with bad plot twists,” said Jo – who was offered a vaccine himself that day – on social media.

“I got a call late last night to say that Frances, my sister, tested positive and has COVID.

But it’s too late, she’s fighting for her life in the hospital.

“Our worst fears came to light after we got her to safety for a year and got this close with a vaccine … she’s fine so far. Everything has crossed.”

Worryingly, Frances’ condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Jo later withdrew from her usual Radio 2 slot and explained to fans that she was “very scared”.

Jo Whiley's family is considering palliative care for sick sisters
Jo calls for priority vaccination of all people with learning disabilities (Credit: BBC)

What else did Jo Whiley say about her sister’s fight?

Jo videolinked on the Andrew Marr Show and said she has not yet received an update on Frances’ plight.

She said to Andrew, “I don’t really know [how she is] So this morning I’m a little worried.

“I tried to call my mother and I didn’t hear anything.

“Waking up without any news is a scary thing.”

She added, “It was horrible, absolutely horrible. I don’t think my parents slept for days.

“We’re really lucky because they allowed my mom and dad to be with her because the idea of ​​Frances having to do this alone is unthinkable.

“Besides, people couldn’t handle Frances. When she was admitted to the hospital, she was so scared that she raved around the hospital.

“Security personnel had to be involved and hold them back. The fact that my mother was there and could talk her out so she could give her oxygen was crucial. “

What is Jo committed to?

Jo is currently working to ensure that all people with learning difficulties are offered a COVID-19 vaccine immediately.

In a gruesome twist of fate, Frances was just sent an appointment for her thrust.

“She was actually called last night about her vaccine,” revealed Jo Andrew.

“My mother got a message that she could get vaccinated. But it’s too late, she’s fighting for her life in the hospital.

“I mean, it couldn’t be more cruel. It couldn’t be more cruel. “

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