Jodie drops a baby bomb on Sacha

It’s Holby City tonight (Wednesday February 10th) and there’s going to be a lot of drama when Jodie comes back and drops a huge bomb on Sacha.

A few weeks ago, Sacha discovered that Jodie made his daughter Beka sick but poisoned her.

Jodie poisoned Sacha’s daughter Beka (Image Credit: BBC)

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When the hospital staff tried to help Jodie, she ran away and had not been seen in a few weeks.

Holby City Spoiler: Jodie Returns

However, in tonight’s episode, she shows up in Holby. Jodie appears ready to make amends, claiming that she is really sorry for what she did to Beka.

Sacha believes he can take control of the situation by speaking calmly to his ex-fiancé while steps are taken to get her to the mental hospital.

Jodie is back (Image credit: BBC)

But soon she drops a bomb on Sacha and tells him that she is pregnant.

When Sacha starts asking if Jodie is telling the truth, she asks him to do a scan so he can hear the baby’s heartbeat.

He will do a scan and try to keep his feelings safe when he learns they have a daughter.

Dom and Donna are confused when they learn Jodie is back and fear what this could mean for Sacha’s sanity.

Sahira returns

Jodie isn’t the only character to return to the hospital this week when Sahira Shah returns.

After Jac leaves, her colleagues eagerly await her replacement.

Sahira is also returning (Image credit: BBC)

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Sahira returns to the hospital with Laila Rouass and repeats her role. The character originally appeared between 2011 and 2012.

When she comes back to Darwin for her first day, Kian tries his best to talk her sweetly.

However, Sahira has other ideas and is soon working with Nicky and Chloe. The show will also revisit her ambiguous relationship with Hassan.

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