Jodie Turner-Smith in Anne Boleyn: The Actress Husband Is Dawson’s Creek Star Joshua Jackson!

Jodie Turner-Smith stars in the new three-part psychodrama Anne Boleyn on Channel 5 and while her face may be new to many, her husband is very recognizable!

The actress plays Henry VIII’s unfortunate second wife, and her story is told from her own perspective.

So what else was Jodie? And what did she say about her new role?

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We take a look at Jodie’s career, personal life and more …

How old is Jodie Turner-Smith?

Jodie is 34. She was born on September 7, 1986 in Peterborough, England.

However, when her parents divorced, she moved to Maryland, America with her mother.

She attended the University of Pittsburgh and has lived in Los Angeles, California since 2009.

Jodie Turner-Smith stars in Anne Boleyn on Channel 5

Jodie Turner-Smith plays Anne Boleyn on the new Channel 5 miniseries (Image: SplashNews)

Jodie Turner-Smith and her famous husband

The actress is married to actor Joshua Jackson.

They started dating in 2018 and got married in 2019.

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Jodie gave birth to daughter Janie in April 2020.

Joshua became famous for starring in the 1990s teen series Dawson’s Creek.

Most recently he had major television roles in The Affair and Little Fires Everywhere.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson

Jodie with her husband, actor Joshua Jackson (Image: SplashNews)

What did Jodie say about Anne Boleyn?

Jodie said she consulted with the show’s historian to ensure the most accurate portrayal of Anne was possible.

She also said she identified with Anne’s inner turmoil when she took on the role shortly after her daughter was born.

Speak with The guardshe explained, “I could feel how angry and passionate and desperate and heartbroken she was. It was the first job I did after having a baby and I redefined myself too [being] a performer.

“After going through something so changeable, you are a new person.”

What did she say about the racist backlash?

Jodie said she expected some of the racial backlash her portrayal received from Anne Boleyn.

She said she deserved to play the role and that Hamilton’s success proves that non-white actors have every right to play white historical figures.

Jodie in Anne Boleyn

Jodie in Anne Boleyn

Jodie with Mark Stanley who plays Henry VIII (Credit: Channel 5)

Speak with The independent onesaid Jodie, “Hamilton is a really great example of how great it is when you just open up the space to tell a story with non-white actors.

“It makes this story much more relatable because it simply becomes a human story and a story for all of us. Not just a story for whites. “

What else was she?

Jodie has appeared in many other TV shows and films.

That year she plays Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer in No Regrets.

Other film roles include roles in Queen & Slim, Newness and Lemon.

TV standout roles include Josie in Jett, Melantha Jhirl in Nightflyer and Sgt. Azima Kandie in The Last Ship.

What did she say about Meghan Markle?

Jodie has said that she sympathizes with Meghan Markle.

And that she believes the royal family missed an opportunity as she treated her.

Speak with The telegraphShe claimed, “It was a terribly missed chance that it wasn’t allowed to be something that really modernized this institution and changed it for the better.”

When is Anne Boleyn on channel 5?

Anne Boleyn starts on Tuesday June 1st at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.

The remaining two episodes will be broadcast one after the other over the next two evenings.

After the broadcast, the mini-series will be available for streaming in the All5 app.

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