Joe Swash breaks the silence over messages

After the news that Stacey Solomon is pregnant, her fiancé Joe Swash broke his silence.

Stacey posted the exciting news on Wednesday June 9th on her Instagram.

In a heartwarming post, she told fans: “We’re growing another cucumber!”

After a wave of love from fans and followers, Joe has now shared his reaction to the news.

Joe Swash broke his silence on Instagram (Credit: Insta Stories)

What did Joe Swash say about Stacey Solomon on Instagram?

On Instagram he said to his 1.8 million followers: “Thank you for all your lovely messages. I love Stace and our boys so much. To be honest, I can hardly wait. “

Joe added, “I love you so much, little one …”

Along with a series of snapshots on Wednesday, Stacey raved about the exciting news.

She wrote: “We have never felt so grateful … I have no words.

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“We didn’t think we’d get the chance. We love you all to the moon and back.

“Lots of love from me, Joe, Harry, Zach, Leighton, Rex and our little pickle.”

“Pickle” is Stacey’s nickname for her children. She loves the nickname so much that she even named her house Pickle Cottage.

It was a long road to this amazing announcement for Stacey and Joe.

At the beginning of the year she confessed her dream of having another child.

They have been trying to have another child for a while, but Stacey tragically miscarried before that.

She told fans, “We’ve been trying another pickle for a really long time. It didn’t work out and that was our news a few times.

“We made up our minds that we are so lucky to have our boys. It is our greatest privilege in life and we are so grateful to be parents, so we stopped trying and already considered ourselves so blessed. “

Stacey is expecting fourth baby (Photo credit:

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When she confirmed her latest happy news, she told fans that she felt “yuck” and was concerned that it might happen.

She added, “I’ve been feeling so gross for a while. Although I was thinking about how it felt, I didn’t even want to look at it initially because well, just because you know (I don’t like to write it).

“But yesterday we checked what was going on. And we were so grateful to hear an extra heartbeat in my stomach. To be honest, we couldn’t believe it. “

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