Joseph Denison Carey distracts fans with his looks

This Morning viewers were distracted today (Sept. 21) when Joseph Denison Carey showed up in the kitchen.

The culinary expert returned to the ITV program to make his quick sausage noodle recipe.

While the delicious dish was a hit with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, some viewers couldn’t help but comment on Joseph’s appearance.

Joseph Denison Carey distracted today’s viewers this morning (Image: ITV)

This morning: what happened today?

The chef seemed passionate when he started making the calming pasta dish.

Perfect for families, Joseph explained that the recipe is also suitable for university students.

For just £ 5, the recipe consists of fennel seeds, pork sausages, pasta, tomato paste and parmesan.

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Holly and Phillip seemed impressed with the dish.

Holly said, “I can’t believe how delicious this is and I just saw you do it.

“It’s so busy it feels like you’ve been cooking it for days.”

This morning: Joseph Denison Carey
Joseph impressed Holly and Phillip with his pasta dish (Image: ITV)

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She continued, “My kids would like that too. That’s a good one! “

In addition, Phillip added: “This is so good!”

However, some viewers could not avoid commenting on Joseph’s clothes.

Joseph Denison Carey distracts the audience

It appears that some had problems with Joseph wearing a hat.

When he showed up in the kitchen today, the chef was wearing a brown baseball cap.

On Twitter, a viewer complained: “Why does Joseph have a coat + a baseball cap on to cook? Why don’t they wear aprons these days? Strange.”

A second added, “Take your hat off, Joseph. Otherwise you won’t feel the benefits when you go outside. “

Another wrote: “Why is he wearing a hat in the kitchen?”

A fourth joked, “He’s wearing a McDonald’s uniform! #This morning.”

Why did Joseph put on a coat and baseball cap to cook with?

However, one spectator defended Joseph.

In response to a complaint, they replied: “Most cooks or catering staff wear skull caps or hats. Or maybe he wanted to look good for today, lol, better than not having long hair tied back #thismorning.

Joseph, who has performed on This Morning in the past, has also known Holly since childhood.

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