Joss Stone demands that Joe Swash apologize

Sausage won The Masked Singer last night (Saturday February 13th) after it was revealed that Joss Stone was behind the character.

While the exposure and streak win stunned many at home, one of Joss’ first duties was to ask Joe Swash to apologize to fiancé Stacey Solomon after he was convinced she was indeed under the mask.

And that’s why he didn’t speak to her.

Joss has been exposed! (Photo credit: ITV)

Why did Joe try Stacey for Sausage on The Masked Singer?

Throughout Saturday, 39-year-old Joe harassed Stacey for The Masked Singer, telling her that if she turned out to be a sausage, he would get the “hump”.

And he continued while Stacey documented everything in her Instagram stories.

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He joked that if Stacey turned out to be the character, their “relationship would never be the same”.

He breathed a sigh of relief when Sausage took off her mask.

He said, “For a moment I thought it was you, you know?”

Joss Stone urges Joe Swash to apologize to Stacey for The Masked Singer
Joss sent a message to Stacey (Credit: Instagram)

What did Joss say in your message?

Aware that Joe was giving Stacey a hard time because of The Masked Singer, Joss, 33, went to her own Instagram stories to ask Joe to apologize to Stacey.

She cradled her new daughter Violet and said to Joe, “I wanted to write a quick message for Joe … What’s his last name? Joe Swash.

I think you have to apologize to Stacey, so get on with it. Get the flowers!

“I think you have to apologize to Stacey so get on with it. Get the flowers! “

In return, Stacey called her a “legend” and “amazing” and then promptly said to Joe, “You better have the bouquet ready tomorrow.”

Viewers were shocked that Sausage wasn’t Sheridan Smith

It wasn’t just Joe making fun of Sausage’s identity, but the audience as well.

Many were convinced that Sheridan Smith was under the mask and went to Twitter to register their shock.

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“Wow @JossStone, I would never have thought that. Well done! “One wrote.

Another said, “I’m stunned that Joss Stone turned out to be a sausage.

“This is not a sentence I ever thought I would write… What a thoroughly insane series! Loved it. #TheMaskedSinger. ”

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