Jude Riordan pays tribute to Rachel Leskovac

Coronation Street star Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman, announced he had burst into tears when his on-screen mother, Natasha, played by Rachel Leskovac, died.

Last week Natasha was shot dead by drug lord Harvey, who had escaped from prison.

Harvey came to the cobblestones to get revenge on Sam’s stepmother Leanne Battersby, who testified against him in court. In the end, however, he shot Natasha and mistook her for Leanne.

In the scenes last night (Monday October 25th) Nick told Sam what had happened to his mother and after her operation he took Sam to the hospital.

Natasha died (Image: ITV)

They were told that Natasha would need another operation because her blood pressure was high.

Nick took Sam to his mother’s house before she had an operation, and she tearfully said goodbye to her son.

Sam was convinced that his mother would be fine. However, while he was waiting for news, a doctor came out and delivered the devastating news to Sam that his mother had died because they could not stop the internal bleeding.

Coronation Street: Jude Riordan pays tribute to Rachel

After the episode aired, the 10-year-old Jew shared a tribute to Rachel on Twitter.

Jude paid tribute to Rachel (Image: ITV)

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Jude retweeted Rachel’s farewell video and wrote, “The hardest thing I had to film, my tag team is gone.

“I love @ rachelleskovac1 around the stars and back. Stay close and watch Sam try to come to terms with his massive loss. If I read all the amazing comments with my watery eyes, thank you very much #Corrie. ”

The fans quickly praised Jude for his performance.

Rachel talks about saying goodbye to Jude

Rachel was asked if she was having a hard time saying goodbye to Jude because they were so closely bonded.

She replied, “It was a really emotional day for both of us because it was our last day of shooting together. We had given each other little presents, so we cheered each other in the parking lot after the end.

Rachel revealed it was hard to say goodbye to her son on screen (Image Credit: ITV)

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“He has a very special place in my heart since I first did him with FaceTime, before I met him on set, I just knew we’d get along really well and it was an absolute pleasure to be with film.

“I will miss working with him, but we said that hopefully we could work together again at some point in the future.”

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