Kanika Dhillon Gets Top-Billing For Writers And Closes Sexist Remarks!

With the advent of OTT platforms and the influx of massive content, writing has become the ultimate king. The writers’ long-overdue recognition is finally being recognized, and the force behind this groundbreaking narrative is the pre-eminent writer and author Kanika Dhillon!

As an impetus for the positive trend, Kanika is making a lot of noise for the top billing with the trailer from Haseen Dillruba. Kanika is known for creating some of the most progressive and fearless female characters on screen – from Rumi from Manmarziyan to Nanki from Guilty to Rani from Haseen Dillruba.

Kanika’s achievement in getting the recognition it deserves in the trailer is a much-needed move and is being celebrated across the industry. With her voice, the author has paved the way for many other authors.

Filmmaker Jay Mehta wrote on Twitter: “Thank you. You changed the game. Authors named in trailers should always be the case. Avoid dealing with fools who make such disgusting statements. It is horrific that someone from our brotherhood should say this crap out loud. “

Kanika incited sexism and also hit the writer Navjot Gulati for his misogynistic remark. In support of her ‘Haseen’ author, Taapsee tweeted: “An ongoing call for recognition of a writer has been brought about by the age-old misogyny that a woman’s success is attributed to the house she gets married in or the man she got married in sexist swear word. Your righteous reputation for equal credit. “

Similarly, Akita Chohan said, “You do, Kanika. What you have is first to any writer and indeed enviable. As colleagues, we need to be inspired by your pursuit and broaden our visions rather than cunningly tweeting our frustrations. In due course we will all receive our well-deserved foundation by concentrating on our individual craft. “

Aside from them, Aniruddh Guha, Vivek Agnihotri, and Disha Rindani – to name a few – came out to congratulate Kanika and silence sexism.

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