Karan Aujla’s second track from BTFU is here and off we go

Times Music, in collaboration with Speed ​​Records, presents ‘Click That B Kickin It’ by Karan Aujla, BTFU’s third song. Sung, written and composed by Karan Aujla and set to music by Tru-Skool, ‘Click That B Kickin It’ is one of Karan Aujla’s incredible passion projects, in which he finds an indescribable balance between authentic Punjabi music and rap / hip-hop music . This track testifies to Karan Aujla’s unique style that we all love and that we can’t get enough of.

True to the Karan Aujla brand, the music video is glittery and larger than life. The YouTube premiere of the video had over 60,000 simultaneous viewers and within an hour of its launch, ‘Click That B Kickin It’ has already garnered over 1 million views! It continues to receive love and amazing feedback from Karan Aujla’s fans.

“BTFU is a very special passion project and ‘Click That B Kickin It’ is the second song on the album. ‘Chu Gon Do?’ received such an overwhelming response from the audience that I’m excited to see how the fans will react to the album, ”said Karan Aujla.

BTFU has eleven songs and ‘Intro’ and ‘Chu Gon Du?’ have already crossed over 40 million views.

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