Kate Ferdinand posted a fitness photo on Instagram while talking about motherhood

Kate Ferdinand has opened up on Instagram and will not be surprised by the pressure of a famous mother.

The former reality star gave birth to her young son, Cree, in December.

During her postpartum trip, Kate kept fans updated on her daily life.

Kate Ferdinand shared on Instagram about her post-baby body (Image Credit: Instagram Stories)

Kate Ferdinand talks about her trip

Many new mothers worry about getting back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, but Kate has some words of encouragement for them.

She shared some of her daily struggles in a number of Instagram story posts.

“Some days I do the gym and feel ready to take on the world …” she said. “And on other days we shower, go back to bed and cuddle and that’s fine!”

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She then shared her love for the parenting app Peanut, which she used to chat with other mothers.

Kate said, “Being a mom is such a journey and since speaking to all of you and other mothers on Peanut I really feel like I relate so much to all of you and I’ve stopped beating myself up if you don’t plan every day.

“Peanut also has so many groups to support you through all stages of motherhood. One of my favorites was a fitness and motivational group. motivates you with helpful fitness suggestions. “

Kate says sometimes she just wants to snuggle up in bed (Credit: Instagram Stories)

Kate makes a body confession

Since she was born, Kate has had a hard time getting used to the reality of her new body.

She recently confessed to fans that she had been holding back from posting pictures because of her nerves.

The star announced: “Ahhh … the nerves are kicking in again, but now it starts. Let’s talk about the body after pregnancy.

“I was really reluctant to upload pictures with my body because for some reason last time I felt all kinds of nerves and ended up deleting them… hormones or the pressure from Instagram to look a certain way? Who knows, but one way or another I finally got my courage up. “

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Kate continued, “I’m finally starting to feel like me again, but it wasn’t easy sailing.

“I’ve seen a lot of women and I greet you and say that you love and hug your body after pregnancy. I wish I had felt this way, but honestly. I love that my body gave birth to our baby BUT honestly, I don’t love my body after the baby. I miss feeling fit and strong! “

It came after Kate hit back on an “insulting” claim that she loves her young son more than her husband Rio’s three children.

While Cree is her first biological child, she is also the stepmother of Lorenz (14), Tate (12) and Tia (9).

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