Kate Garraay’s fears that Gov plans to have a COVID test twice a week

Kate Garraway has raised concerns about Boris Johnson’s plans to conduct a bi-weekly COVID test for Brits.

Good morning British hostess Kate responded to the news this morning.

And it’s clear to see that Kate – whose husband Derek Draper has been in the hospital for over a year after contracting coronavirus – is concerned about the program.

Kate Garraway was less impressed with the new government program to offer COVID tests to Brits twice a week (Credit: ITV).

What is the new COVID testing scheme?

A new billion pound system is due to be introduced this Friday (April 9th).

The government is offering each person two free lateral flow tests to check for COVID-19 each week.

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The idea is that when the economy opens again it will help prevent coronavirus outbreaks.

The government claims it will “help break the chain of transmission”.

However, Kate spoke to Dr. Amir Khan, the doctor based in GMB, and shared their concerns.

Boris Johnson shows
Boris Johnson’s new COVID testing plan arrives Friday (Credit: Splash News)

What did Kate Garraway say about the tests?

Kate initially raised concerns about the cost of the program.

“It’s going to cost billions, isn’t it?” she asked Dr. Khan.

“It’s going to cost a lot of money!”

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Kate then listened as he explained that the tests are only 58% effective in detecting asymptomatic cases of coronavirus.

It’s going to cost billions, isn’t it? It will cost a lot of money!

“So the concern is that you may have COVID, that you had a negative test, that you feel good about it and that you may therefore relax, maybe push yourself a little more and walk back and forth over the course of the summer and go to meetings … “said a concerned Kate.

She added, “But in fact, you may be a porter.

Dr. Khan replied, “Yes there is that concern, but there is more of a concern that you will not have COVID, but these tests actually suggest that you are doing false positive results.”

dr on gmb
Dr. Amir Khan also expressed concern (Credit: ITV)

What did the British say about the program?

Some referred to the scheme as “madness”.

One Brit wrote on Twitter: “The healthy too exam yourself twice one week. More madness. “

Another hit in the segment on GMB.

One spectator said: “#GMB Press the twice weekly COVID exam! Hilarious! Turn evil around [bleep] out!!”

Others, however, shared Kate’s concern about the cost of the program.

One said, “W.He’ll pay for all of that COVID Testing? In the future, we’ll have to start paying for these tests. “

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