Kate Garraway breaks down in church because of her husband’s health

GMB star Kate Garraway broke during her appearance on the BBC series Walking With …

The series follows a different celebrity wandering the beauty spots of Britain in each episode.

Kate received a 360-degree camera and was released in the Cotswolds to explore and share her thoughts with onlookers.

During her episode, she bravely speaks about her husband, Derek Draper’s health struggle.

Derek fell ill with Covid-19 last year and spent over a year in the hospital before finally being allowed to go home in April.

Kate Garraway got emotional talking about her husband on the BBC series Walking With … (Credit: BBC)

Unfortunately, he’s still fighting and Kate has to hold her family unit together.

During her episode of Walking With … Kate goes to church and takes a moment to sit down and think about her life.

Kate Garraway gets emotional about her husband

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The 54-year-old TV star admits that she hasn’t been to church “since Derek’s illness”.

Her confession causes her to cry before taking a moment to pray.

“I haven’t been to church since Derek got sick,” she says.

“We went there regularly. Derek is a loyal churchgoer but we haven’t been in one yet and it feels like there is an incredible sense of peace.

“It actually makes me pretty emotional. Well, if you will ever pray in your life, this is where you will pray. “

Kate Garraway husband
Kate Garraway and Derek Draper pictured before he was put down by COVID (Image credit: SplashNews.com)

After taking a moment to think, Kate shares who she was thinking of while praying.

She says, “I think there is something very powerful about prayer, no matter what form it takes you. For me, a classic prayer – I believe in God – is something very special. You can probably imagine what I am praying for. “

Kate has received high praise for her honesty with Derek since he became seriously ill with Covid last year.

He spent over a year in the hospital and still needs 24/7 care, but now he’s back at the family home.

Their journey will be documented in a new ITV film that will be a sequel to the NTA-winning Finding Derek.

Kate’s episode of Walking With… will air Wednesday at 7pm on BBC Two

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