Kate Garraway calls MP for “failing to answer questions”

GMB presenter Kate Garraway called a MP today for not answering her questions.

On Friday’s show, host and co-star Alex Beresford interviewed housing secretary Robert Jenrick about the coronavirus vaccines and the free school lunch scandal.

Kate asked Mr. Jenrick why the government voted against free school meals for children.

Mr. Jenrick appeared on GMB Friday (Credit: ITV)

What did Kate Garraway say to GMB?

Mr Jenrick said, “We didn’t vote against free school meals, we actually put in place a government program …”

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Kate intervened: “You did it, you voted against it in October. You specifically voted against free school meals, not the voucher system, but you did it personally. “

Following the government’s U-turn to give children free school meals, Kate asked the MP if he “regrets” the decision to vote against.

Kate Garraway on GMB
Kate barbecued the housing clerk (Credit: ITV)

Mr. Jenrick said, “Don’t let that distract you …”

Kate interrupted: “I don’t think it’s a distraction, I think it’s kind of critical.”

Mr Jenrick continued, “The vote itself that I am talking about is not the issue because the issue is clearly very important.

“The vote itself was a so-called opposition day debate in parliament that does not change government policy.

“It is an opportunity for other political parties to make a statement. What matters is … “

Kate Garraway on GMB
Mr Jenrick spoke about the U-turn of free school meals (Credit: ITV)

What did kate say

Kate intervened: “It is also an opportunity for you to make a statement of your intent.

“I wonder if maybe you had to do it because you were told to do it, and now there has been an about-face. Maybe you regret it or still think it was right not to extend the free school meals. “

Mr Jenrick replied, “I think tackling the problem of child hunger and poverty is absolutely critical. It has always been important, but all the more important with all the pressures of the pandemic.”

Kate said, “I’m so sorry, but that doesn’t answer the question, that doesn’t really answer the question.

Kate asked MPs if the government regretted voting against free school meals (Credit: ITV)

“I know you are trying to do something with this program, but it doesn’t answer a question, and this program has been in place for a while.

“Even before Covid, poverty was at its lowest level for a long time. So the program you are publishing has not worked as well as you hoped it would. “

She added, “And on top of that, it doesn’t really answer the question. It’s about us having a feel for what your values ​​are.

“Because you voted against, we just need to know that you may now have changed your mind and whether you regret it and if you believe in extending free school meals.”

Mr. Jenrick replied, “Well, I’ve always believed that children get the support they need.

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“I think we have now come up with a good package that offers millions of pounds of support both when children are in and out of school.”

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