Kate Garraway reassures COVID doctor as husband stays in hospital

Kate Garraway showed incredible compassion for an intensive care doctor when her husband, Derek Draper, stayed in the hospital.

Kate spoke about Good Morning Britain and told Dr. Jim Down that he “shouldn’t feel guilty” for keeping patients away from their families during the pandemic.

She said to him: “We understand what to expect.”

Kate Garraway showed her selfless side when speaking to a GMB doctor (Credit: Splash News)

What did Kate Garraway say about husband Derek?

Dr. Down was on the show to release his book describing his life as an intensive care doctor.

As fans of Kate will know, her husband Derek has been in the hospital for almost a year now.

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He was admitted after contracting the virus back in March 2020.

However, the GMB hostess proved how selfless she was when she reached out to the doctor to reassure him.

Kate at GMB
Kate with Dr. Jon Down on the Show (Credit: ITV)

What did Kate say to the intensive care doctor?

Put aside her own problems, Kate said, “They talk about feeling guilty about separated relatives and trying to explain to them why they couldn’t be there and why you often couldn’t come back to them.

“Just like someone on the other side of those phone calls, don’t feel guilty because we understand what to expect,” she said.

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Dr. Down replied, “My heart goes out to you and all of human relatives were in intensive care.

“We’re not used to not having relatives by the bedside, and I think that added an extra dimension to you and any relatives who find it just awful.

“So my heart really goes to you.”

Kate and Derek
Derek has been in the hospital since March 2020 (Credit: Splash News)

Kate Garraway: Thanks for what you do

Kate thanked the doctor for his work during the pandemic.

She said, “Well, it’s wonderful and we all thank you for what you and all of your colleagues and all of the different teams in all of the hospitals across the country are doing.”

How is Kate’s husband Derek Draper?

Derek stays in the hospital and Kate hasn’t seen her husband since Christmas.

Earlier this week she said hello! how she got through the past year she called “the grimmest time”.

Kate revealed, “In the darkest of times, kindness and love can be found when you need them most, and helping one another is the only way we can get through these worst of times.

“I learned about the kindness of strangers.

“It was the toughest time for me and my family, as it was for so many others, and the good wishes and compassion from the audience and listeners really helped.”

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