Kate Garraway says husband Derek burst into tears during their reunion

Kate Garraway has revealed that her husband Derek Draper “burst into tears” after reuniting with their children Darcey and Billy.

The 53-year-old GMB host welcomed her husband back to her family home in London on Wednesday (April 7th).

Derek, also 53, was hospitalized with coronavirus in March 2020 after spending a full year in the hospital.

Kate Garraway got emotional when she remembered bringing her husband Derek Draper home (Credit: ITV)

What did Kate Garraway say about her husband?

Now the former political advisor has finally reunited with his wife and children.

Derek is looked after around the clock.

Kate posted the news on GMB today (April 9th) and opened up at the touching moment Derek returned home.

He immediately burst into tears, was hugged a lot and brought him inside

She said, “When we pulled up I was able to come home with him, I could see two little faces of Darcey and Billy looking out the window, and I could literally see them go, ‘He’s here!’ They ran out and opened the door.

“He immediately burst into tears, there was a lot of hugging, and he came inside. He absolutely knew he was home. “

Kate also shared, “He’s always reacting. What he can’t do is talk and say, like you can imagine Derek coming home, “Why the hell is the place such a mess?” It’s not like that.

Kate Garraway on GMB talks about husband
The moderator appeared earlier today on GMB (Credit: ITV)

“But he is absolutely reactive and knows where he is. There were just so many nice little moments. I was telling him the whole time in a coma, “When you get home you can have one of my casseroles” which he loves by the way, that’s not a threat because he can swallow a little now.

“So I said let’s see if we can somehow get you around the table with the four of us, so we kind of did it.”

However, the transition has not been easy for the family.

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Kate reveals that her husband needs 24 hours of care.

Kate explained, “We weren’t all at the dining table, we made a version of it. He can’t really move.

“We need a lot of help. And it doesn’t just help to take care of him, because it’s 24 hour care and I wasn’t really sleeping, as you can probably see.

“I’m going to slack off, I’m just very conscious at the moment and it’s a whole new team. So he has probably gotten used to the people in the hospital a bit and there is now a new team working with him and helping him get through. “

Kate and husband Derek Draper
Derek was hospitalized last March (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Derek still has a long way to go

Additionally, Derek still has a long way to go in recovering from the virus.

The host added that while her husband is showing progress, he has not yet fully recovered.

She also said, “It’s going to take a lot of adjustments. But on top of that there is the very specialized therapeutic intervention that needs to be used to ensure that it is not just about getting him to work, but that it actually leads to some recovery. “

Despite his struggles, the host showed that she is delighted that the family is finally reunited.

And they could even all sit down to eat as a family, and Derek could join them. Kate explained how Derek can now swallow small amounts of food.

She said son Billy noticed how small his father’s serving was compared to his old serving sizes – Derek lost over eight stones when he got sick.

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Kate talked about the children and continued, “They were really great. One of the things if we have some big glass doors now, so they were out in the garden.

“I tried to position him so that he could see her. I’m not sure how good his eyesight is. He seemed to be reacting and they ran back to the door and said, ‘Papa, Papa, look at this’ and then ran back out.

“You both just haven’t stopped cuddling him.”

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