Kate Middleton stuns in a pink dress as she keeps the promise to a little girl

Kate Middleton was stunned in a pink dress when she kept her promise to a little girl.

In the fall of 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge phoned five-year-old Mila, who was involved in Kate’s Hold Still photo project.

Mila’s picture, titled Shielding Mila, showed her kissing a window when her father stood outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mila was undergoing chemotherapy and her father had to keep working, so he stayed away to protect her. The little girl also stayed away from her older sister, Jodi.

Kate kept her promise and wore a pink dress (Credit: YouTube)

What pink dress was Kate Middleton wearing?

On Thursday (May 28), Kate was wearing a stunning pink ME + EM dress when she met Mila and her family at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

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During her call last year, the Duchess had promised to wear a pink dress for Mila after the little girl said it was her favorite color and asked Kate if she had a “costume”.

Sweet, Mila was also wearing a pink dress when she met the Duchess yesterday.

Kate Middleton wears a pink dress to keep Mila's promise
The Duchess met Mila and her family on Thursday (Photo credit: YouTube)

When Kate walked into the room, she said, “Hello Mila, look at you! I want to give you a big cuddle party, it’s so nice to meet you in person.

“I love your dress, can you turn it a little – and your shoes.”

I love your dress, can you twist a little?

The little girl whirled around when Kate said, “Wowzas.”

Kate then spoke to Mila, her father and mother, Scott and Lynda Sneddon and her older sister Jodi.

Royal fans flocked to the Duchess and Milas meeting, and many praised Kate.

What did royal fans say?

One person said, “She kept her promise and wore pink. My heart.”

Another wrote: “I am in tears. This was an absolutely beautiful story and I thank Duchess Kate for celebrating this angel’s day. “

One added, “Now I’m crying, this is beautiful.”

Another gushed, “Oh my god. The tears are flowing. “

Meanwhile, it came after the Duchess’ call was shared with Mila earlier this month.

Kate Middleton wears a pink dress talking to Mila
Royal fans were in tears over the meeting (Credit: YouTube)

What happened during the call?

During the call that came last year, Mila said, “Good morning, Your Royal Highness.”

Kate replied, “Good morning. Gosh, you are so polite, Mila. “

Mila later asked: “Do you have a costume?” to which Kate said: “I’m not wearing a princess costume right now, I’m afraid, Mila. Do you have a lot of clothes yourself? “

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When Mila revealed that her favorite color was pink, Kate added, “Okay, I have to make sure I try to find myself a pink dress so hopefully we will meet one day and then Mila will remember my pink dress for you to wear. Would that be nice? “

Mila replied excitedly: “Yay!”

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