Kate Middleton’s tribute to Queen and Diana

The Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to the Queen and Princess Diana at Prince Philip’s funeral today (April 17th).

Kate was one of the first members of the royal family to come to Windsor for Philip’s last farewell.

She arrived in a black car around 2 p.m. with her husband Prince William.

And viewers quickly noticed that she had paid tribute to both Princess Diana and the Queen upon their arrival.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Queen’s pearl necklace to Prince Philip’s funeral (Image Credit: Beretta / Sims / Shutterstock)

How did the Duchess of Cambridge pay tribute at Prince Philip’s funeral?

Kate arrived with her husband in a black day dress.

She also wore a black hat with a mesh covering part of her face.

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Her pearl necklace, however, was what really got attention.

Not only did it look stunning, it also has a special meaning, paying tribute to both the Queen and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

What is special about Kate’s pearl necklace?

The choker belongs to the Queen and was once loaned to Princess Diana.

The fact that Kate wore the necklace to the funeral is a touching tribute to her royal relatives on an incredibly sad day.

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Her Majesty wore the necklace many times in the 1980s and bestowed it on Diana to wear at a state banquet in the Netherlands in 1982.

Kate accompanied the necklace with a pair of pearl earrings.

The earrings are also part of the queen’s collection.

Kate comes to the funeral
Prince William and Kate arrive in Windsor (Image Credit: Beretta / Sims / Shutterstock)

Why are Will and Kate wearing face masks?

In accordance with UK COVID-19 laws, all members of the royal family wore black face masks when they arrived in cars for the funeral.

You must also wear them during the memorial service at St. George’s Chapel.

Even the queen has to wear one as she’s sitting alone for her 73-year-old husband’s funeral.

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