Kate Taylor opens up the fight against depression

Jersey star real housewife Kate Taylor opened up her battle with depression after breaking up with her ex-husband.

The 52-year-old reality star exclusively shared with Entertainment Daily that she was bedridden for 18 months as she struggled through the “lowest point of her life.”

Fortunately, Kate got over her struggles “some time ago” after a trip to Bali.

Real Housewives of Jersey star Kate Taylor has opened up on her battle with depression (Credit: ITVBe)

What did the Real Housewives say of Jersey star Kate Taylor?

Kate’s fights began shortly after her bitter breakup with her ex-husband.

In conversation with ED! She said, “I basically spent 18 months in bed with a terrible depression. I will never go back there again.

That was the lowest point in my life.

“I didn’t expect to be on a TV show then – I was lucky enough to want to see it the next day. I used to call my girl on Friday and she asked me to get up every day.

“That was the lowest point in my life.”

The real housewives of Jersey
The reality star appears on the Real Housewives Of Jersey (Image credit: ITVbe)

During her break in Bali, Kate participated in daily yoga and meditation sessions.

And while the decision to remain celibate after the spiritual journey seemed like a good idea at the time, Kate told us otherwise.

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She added, “In Bali, I took this course on love, relationships and intimacy. Because I am that one [bleep] I went celibate for a year, then we went into lockdown.

“I mean, did you try to lie two meters away ?!

Kate is single after their messy divorce (Credit: ITVbe)

“I am the most sexual and tactile being in the world. If someone said to me, “What is your favorite past-time activity?” It used to try to get as much attention from my husband as possible. “

Kate’s marriage tragically ended after her ex-husband moved on with a younger woman.

How is it between Kate and her son?

Although things aren’t going well with her former partner, Kate works to improve her relationship with son Finn.

ITVbe series fans will know the star has a strained relationship with the 21-year-old following the breakdown of their marriage.

How are you now?

“I saw him on Christmas Day,” she admitted. “He came over and it was the first time he was in the apartment!”

Proven that she is still hopeful that the two of them can solve their problems, Kate added, “Finn is the most beautiful soul you could ever meet. I know that’s the whole other side of the family feeding him poison, but that’s not my problem.

“He will come over. You cannot break the bond of love between a mother and a son.

The outspoken star became celibate after a trip to Bali (Image credit: ITVbe)

“This is just one stage he has to go through before he realizes my true worth.”

Meanwhile, Kate is busy with best friend and neighbor Margaret Thompson.

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The couple, who have known each other for over 30 years, live side by side in Jersey.

Despite their close bond, Kate still isn’t sure if she’ll get to see her bestie on the next season of the reality show.

Is there a second season of Real Housewives of Jersey?

In fact, she keeps her options open until the last episode.

When ED! Kate asked if there was a second series in the pipeline and explained, “You don’t know! I think they set us up a bit for that.

“You can see whether we are interested and whether we want to do another season. I promised Margaret that I wouldn’t make up my mind until the last one ran out.

“It’s week four now, so in six weeks, when I’ve seen it all, I’ll make a decision.”

The Real Housewives Of Jersey will resume tonight (Monday January 18) at 9pm on ITVBe. You can watch the entire series on ITV Hub

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