Katie Price and son Harvey show off their house as he prepares for college

Katie Price and her son Harvey gave fans a tour of his new home as he prepares for college.

The 42-year-old reality star recently got the pad for her disabled son to help with his big summer move.

The humble three bedroom property is right across from Katie’s own home.

Katie Price gave fans a tour of Harvey’s new house (Image credit: YouTube)

What did Katie Price say?

Katie opened up the purpose for the pad on her YouTube channel.

She explained, “We don’t live here. This is where Harvey lives ready for his transition to college.

“It’s quieter for him, he’s getting used to his own space and there is obviously room if I stay here and we’re just across the street.

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“And he absolutely loves it.”

Additionally, Katie has taken a number of precautions to ensure 18-year-old Harvey was not harmed.

In addition to built-in cameras, the Star has its own bedroom.

Harvey lives on the block before moving to college living (Image credit: YouTube)

The refrigerator is also stocked with essentials to help the teen lose weight.

Harvey suffers from a number of medical conditions, but one of them – Prader-Willi syndrome – causes people to feel hungry and overeat all the time.

Katie explained, “As you can see, there isn’t much in there for him to eat at night.

Obviously if I stay here and we’re just across the street there is room.

“He has his washing machine, dishwasher, everything you need to be independent.”

Fortunately, Harvey seemed delighted with the place.

When asked if he loved his home, the teenager replied, “Of course mom!”

The house has a bedroom for mom Katie (Image credit: YouTube)

Why was Harvey taken to the hospital?

The video comes days after Katie revealed that Harvey is home after being rushed to the hospital.

The 18-year-old was hospitalized after a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Harvey had his first dose of the Oxford / AstraZeneca shock last week as he qualifies as a person at risk.

However, he reportedly began to “shiver uncontrollably” after receiving the vaccine and had to be hospitalized.

Katie went to Instagram and said, “Where did Harvey go last night?” to which Harvey replied, “Hospital.”

She continued: “What did you have the day before yesterday? You had a syringe. “

The refrigerator is stocked with Harvey’s essentials (Image credit: YouTube).

The star added, “So Harvey is home, safe and in shape today. Harvey is all good. “

After the vaccine, Katie praised Harvey for being “so brave.”

Speak with The sunThe proud mother said, “It’s strange to be in a school room with everyone sitting on chairs in rows one meter apart.

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“Harvey was the youngest we saw there. Everything went smoothly, calmly and professionally. Harvey was so brave and it was over so quickly that everyone was so helpful.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Harvey thanked NHS doctors and nurses after receiving his vaccination.

The teenager wrote a heartfelt note commending her for “a good job”.

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