Katie Price reflects on the long-lasting effects of injury

Katie Price will bear the aftermath of her broken foot injury for the rest of her life, she has said.

But the 42-year-old star is determined not to let her disability ruin her.

Mother of five, Katie, has been warned by medical professionals that she may ever have to walk for more than a few minutes a day again.

She has had surgery and multiple rounds of physical therapy since falling off a 25-foot wall last summer.

Despite her injury, Katie Price is grateful for horses in her life (Credit: YouTube)

Katie Price is constantly limping after an injury

But while Katie is now reportedly suffering from constant limping and pain in her feet, fans have been thrilled with her resilience.

This afternoon (February 13th) Katie shared with fans how determined she is not to let her physical condition deter her.

I can still ride my horses which is my passion and so mentally good for me.

A video uploaded to Instagram showed the reality star training her horse – and hopping around seems like a real tonic for her ghosts too.

Katie admitted in the caption that she was grateful for what she could do when she spent time on horseback.

Katie Price
Katie Price believes horses help her manage it mentally (Image credit: YouTube)

Riding has helped Katie mentally

Katie also noted that her accident meant she couldn’t run.

She also pointed out the importance of riding in order to get a positive outlook.

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Katie wrote: “I feel so happy that I can never run again, but I can still ride my horses, which is my passion and is so good for me mentally.”

Instagram followers were thrilled to see Katie and her buddy frolicking, and dozens of fans posted heart emojis in the comment section.

Katie Price
Katie suffered two broken feet as a result of her accident (Image credit: YouTube)

Fans respond to Katie’s comments

Some also shared the importance of horses for their own wellbeing.

“I love my horses. You have made me happy and positive all my life, ”wrote one person.

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“There is no better way to deal with problems than with a horse!” Another well wish added.

And a third said, “It’s so great to see. I am so glad that your horse gives you so much pleasure! “

Earlier this week, Katie spoke about her sanity when she revealed that she had previously considered killing herself.

During a radio appearance, she said she had problems “built up” before seeking help in rehab.

Katie urged, “I tell everyone out there, if you have mental health and this pandemic isn’t helping – just talk to someone. If you feel bad, talk to someone. “

If you are struggling with your sanity, turn to the Samaritans on-line or call 116 123 toll free from any phone.

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