Katie Price reveals the “traumatic” moment she started going bald

Katie Price has opened up to wearing wigs to counter the effects of baldness.

The reality star addressed the issue today (Wednesday May 26) while appearing on Steph’s packed lunch.

Participating in the discussion was Harriet Dow, who has had multiple bouts of hair loss and is suffering from cancer.

Katie Price examines the “weak area” in her hair (Credit: Channel 4)

What Katie Price Said About Balding

Katie identified several factors that contributed to her “weak area” with her hair.

This included wearing hair extensions, having children, and experiencing stress.

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As a result, Katie is an avid wig wearer – and agreed with many of the points that Harriet made.

“Wig technology has advanced,” said Harriet.

Katie on wigs

Katie – who has met several women with alopecia – also talked about how helpful a wig can be for reasons of trust.

She argued passionately: “I thought, “What else can I do?” So I thought, ‘Why don’t I just wear wigs? And just show everyone that I’m wearing wigs. ‘”

Wigs have such a stigma and I don’t know why.

Katie continued, “Wigs have such a stigma and I don’t know why.

“You can have so much fun. You can be blonde or dark … and just have fun. “

She added that “hair loss can be traumatic” for whatever reason.

Katie jokes about the downside of wigs

Katie acknowledged, however, that wigs can sometimes be a problem.

Regarding Harriet, the two agreed that wearing a hairpiece is not exactly the same as wearing a head made of natural hair.

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Katie explained how often she uses a wig to stay incognito in the grocery store and admitted that wigs can be itchy at times.

She laughed: “As soon as I’m back in the car, I’ll put it in the back seat! “

Katie Price appears on the lunch box
Katie Price appeared on Channel 4 today (Credit: Channel4.com)

How the audience reacted

Many of those who watched at home really seemed to appreciate the segment.

One social media user responded: “I love Katie Price with short hair. She looks nifty. I also love the pink / purple wig that the other guest #stephspackedlunch is wearing. “

Another wrote, “It’s amazing what you can do now. Thanks to Katie for making this stand out. Many women are not so afraid to admit that they have a problem. Nothing to be ashamed of. “

And a third, inspired viewer tweeted, “Thank you for talking about wearing wigs. I started wearing when I was 14 because I have trichotillomania. You literally saved me and made me feel like a normal girl.


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