Katie Price shares son Harvey wrote to NHS staff after COVID sting

Katie Price shared the delightful news her son Harvey wrote to doctors and nurses at the NHS after receiving his COVID-19 vaccination.

Harvey had his strike on Friday (February 5th) because it is classified as vulnerable and in a risk category.

Unfortunately, he was hospitalized after a reaction to the injection.

However, when he got home, the 18-year-old wrote an adorable note thanking those who looked after him.

Harvey Price was hospitalized after his COVID shock, but Katie has said her son is fine now (Credit: YouTube)

What happened to Harvey Price and why was he in the hospital?

Harvey was hospitalized after having an allergic reaction to his COVID shock.

He reportedly began to “shiver uncontrollably” after receiving the vaccine.

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On Sunday, Katie announced that he was back home.

Katie shared, “He had a reaction. The reaction was really, really high temperature 39.9 and of course I really have to keep an eye on Harvey.

I’m writing to say that I took good care of Harvey and everyone, and did a good job with my syringe on Friday.

“I called Great Ormand Street and they told me to go to the nearest A&E.”

Speaking to Harvey on an Instagram story video, she continued, “They had an X-ray, blood, EKG. Everything was fine, they just said it was a reaction from the Covid [vaccine]but today he’s in great shape. “

What did Katie Price’s son Harvey say to doctors and nurses?

Katie shared a cute note that Harvey had written all by himself to the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

It said, “Dear NHS doctor and nurses.

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“I’m writing to say I took good care of Harvey and everyone and did a good job with my syringe on Friday.

“You are all proud of me. You work hard every day. We all need a vacation. “

Harvey added, “I will send you more pictures so you are happy and safe.

“Thank you and well done

“Greetings from Harvey.”

Katie Price and Harvey
Katie shared son Harvey’s note with her Instagram followers (Credit: YouTube)

What did Katie’s followers say about the note?

Katie’s friends – and even an ex-husband – loved that she shared the note with them.

Kieran Hayler commented, “Cutest boy.”

Nicola McLean added, “So cute and caring.”

Another follower added: “Dear Harvey, he melts me.”

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