Katie Price wants to lose two stones to increase the chances of conceiving

Katie Price reportedly wants to lose two pounds to get pregnant.

The celebrity mother of five, 43, is hoping to have baby number six with her fiancé Carl Woods, 32.

Although Katie and Carl have only been together for a little over a year, they want to start a family.

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They’ve both talked about how much they want a child, and Katie said she’d been “not careful” for months.

Now a source has said something new! Magazine that Katie is aiming to lose a whopping two kilos (28 pounds) and get as healthy as possible.

Katie Price reportedly hopes to lose a large amount of weight to help her get pregnant (Image Credit: SplashNews)

Why does Katie Price want to lose weight?

The source also said she is dissatisfied with her current weight and hates the way she looks.

The magazine’s source claimed, “Katie hates the way her body looks right now.

“She doesn’t feel comfortable being taller and wants to lose weight and go back to her original size.”

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Recently, Katie said she was so upset when Instagram users thought she was pregnant.

The star posted a snapshot of herself rocking her stomach. But she said she just felt bloated.

Katie Price and Carl Woods
Katie Price and her fiance Carl Woods (Image: SplashNews)

And that the disappointment of not being pregnant really took hold of her.

She complained The sun: “It was so annoying because everyone was speculating I was pregnant, but I wasn’t. I wish it was me

“I’ve gained a lot of weight because I’m trying to eat really healthy – so I just wanted to say, ‘BLEEP off’.”

Added, “It was so daunting.”

Meanwhile, Katies kept her fans up to speed on her health boost on YouTube.

Katie Price wants baby number six
Katie Price is hoping for a sixth child (Image credit: SplashNews)

Katie tries bowel treatments

She posted a video of her experience with colonic irrigation.

The process removes feces and other toxins through a tube that is placed in the rectum, which then flushes out waste.

Katie turned to the camera and said, “I’m getting my bum cleaned, my insides cleaned.

“The last time I did this was years and years ago when there was a hose in my bum and a lady was controlling the water that was flowing into me.

“She held the water until it was in terrible pain and let it go – loads of gasoline and it all came out.”

The former glamor model said she hopes to make her sessions a regular thing.

Katie confirmed, “I’ll have one more next week and then I’ll keep it.”

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