Katy sexually abused several children and made viewers “sick”.

EastEnders viewers felt “sick” after it was revealed that Katy Lewis had sexually abused several children.

Last year it became known that Mick was sexually abused by his childcare worker Katy. This meant that Mick fathered Frankie at the age of 12, but he only met his daughter last year.

On the episode last night (Monday, January 25), Frankie went to Mick to confirm that he would not go to the police and report Katy. She told Mick and Linda that it was the anniversary of her brother Harry’s death.

Katy molested Mick (Image credit: BBC)

However, Shirley was furious and indicated that there might be other victims who did not come forward.

Later, Linda and Frankie went out for coffee and Linda met Jed. Frankie stated that Jed was Harry’s brother on his father’s side. Harry’s father never had anything to do with him, however.

Jed was also abused by Katy (Credit: BBC)

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Linda was suspicious and asked if she could go to the crematorium to show her respect, even though Katy would be there.

EastEnders: What other kids did Katy abuse besides Mick?

Linda Jed later began asking about his and Harry’s father.

She explained to Jed that Katy had molested Mick and tried all these years later to find out that Frankie wasn’t his child. But Jed told her Harry was his brother before storming off.

Linda and Frankie decided to follow him and yelled at Frankie, “Is that your fault? Did you make her

Linda was shocked to find that Katy had molested several children (Credit: BBC)

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“Look, I did what I said, what I promised. I didn’t say a word, not a single word! Not about Harry, nothing. “

When Frankie asked what he was up to, Jed said, “I’ve never told anyone … about me about anyone.”

Frankie and Linda looked horrified to discover that Katy had cared for and sexually abused several children, including Mick and Jed.

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