Kelly Brook won’t marry her boyfriend Jeremy because it’s “not on my radar”

Kelly Brook has spoken openly about why she isn’t planning on marrying her boyfriend.

Kelly, who starred as Frog in The Masked Dancer, has been dating Beau Jeremy Parisi since 2015.

The couple have often been the subject of speculation as to whether or not they are engaged.

But now, 41-year-old Kelly has addressed why she is unlikely to get married – even though she was engaged four times before.

Kelly Brook has proposed marriage to boyfriend Jeremy Parisi before (Credit:

Marriage isn’t on Kelly’s radar

Model and Heart FM host Kelly has revealed that marriage and children are not for her.

She previously asked Jeremy, 35, to marry her – and proposed to them while they were on vacation – but he said no.

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Kelly announced in 2018 that she asked the question when they saw a sunset in Antigua.

However, Jeremy’s response indicated that he didn’t feel the time or place was right.

How did Kelly Brook’s boyfriend react to your suggestion?

Kelly remembered OK !: “He said, ‘Shut up, there are people around!’ So I tried to propose but he said it was too busy and told me to be quiet!

“I asked him, but it wasn’t private enough!”

I just don’t have that instinct.

Kelly also stated that her suggestion was more of a spontaneous joke than a serious suggestion.

Kelly Brook friend
Kelly doesn’t believe marriage is for everyone (Photo credit:

What did Kelly say about getting married to Jeremy?

When asked again about rumors of marriage, Kelly told the Sunday folks this weekend that it’s not on the cards.

She noted that “changing one’s habits” can be difficult for people in their forties. She also said she doesn’t think marriage is for everyone.

Kelly also added that a wedding ceremony is not on her “bucket list”.

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She continued, “I have a feeling that marriage and children are not things I wanted. I like to travel and to be with my partner, I like animals, I like to work and I like to be independent and I like my freedom. I like to be spontaneous!

“There are so many things I love that I think marriage and children would keep me from doing them. I try to imagine what it would be like and when you have children it’s a big obligation. “

Kelly Brook friend
Kelly Brook made it to the semifinals as Frog (Image: ITV)

Although Kelly said she currently has no plans to change her home arrangements, she didn’t rule out changing her mind in the future.

She concluded, “I don’t never say it’s just not on my radar. I think about it every now and then, then I quickly forget. I just don’t have that instinct. “

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