Kerry Katona admits that if she overdoses she should be “dead in a gutter”.

Kerry Katona has exclusively revealed that she “should be dead in a gutter from a cocaine overdose”.

The former Atomic Kitten singer had a famous battle with drugs.

And Kerry is speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily to launch their new Marnii dating app. She is excited to admit that she changed her life.

She told us: “I give myself credit. I’ve changed my life and I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. “

Kerry Katona has stated that she should be “dead in a gutter” after an overdose, but luckily she’s changed her life (Credit: Splash News)

Kerry Katona on her exes

With fiancé Ryan Mahoney by her side, Kerry spoke openly and honestly about their past relationships – and revealed why she thinks things will be different this time.

She was previously married to Brian McFadden, Mark Croft and George Kay, who died in 2019.

Kerry revealed that she and Ryan are like “chalk and cheese” but admitted, “It just works.”

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“Ryan hasn’t been to an event with me yet. We are like chalk and cheese, ”she said.

“Ryan is very relaxed, calm and composed and I’m a million miles an hour. We’re like chalk and cheese, but we fit very well.

“I’ve never had that before. I’ve always been with a guy who wanted the fame, ”she claimed.

Kerry and Ryan
Kerry and Ryan launched their own dating app after meeting (Credit: ITV)

Why it’s different with Ryan

“While Ryan, this is our mutual business [the dating app] and it works so well.

“The difference is that we and Ryan are opposites, we balance each other out. Everyone else I was with was pretty loud and moody and they wanted to be the center of attention, they wanted to be in control of things.

“It’s not like that this time,” she revealed.

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“Ryan is a doer, he has dreams, he has goals. Everyone else relied on me – I was the breadwinner.

“When we first met, I had to live on Ryan that first year because I wasn’t working. He took care of me and the children. I’ve never had that before. Ever. It was a massive change for me, ”added Kerry.

Why should people turn to Kerry Katona for advice on dating?

After three failed marriages, why should people go to Kerry for dating advice and download their new app?

“I think for me the proof is in the pudding. If you’ve seen me on TV lately, I give myself credit, I’ve changed my life, I’m in the best place I’ve ever been.

“I think I’m where I’m supposed to be. It took me 40 years to get here and I overcame every conceivable obstacle.

I should be dead in a gutter somewhere from a cocaine overdose in the street, skin, but I never gave up and looked where I am now.

“Whether addiction, bankruptcy, divorce, mental health, I’ve done everything and never gave up, I never stopped. I’m very resilient. “

She added, “I think people would turn to me more than others because I never gave up. I did it and I’m still here and I’m the best I’ve ever been. “

“I should be dead”

“I should be dead, I should be dead in a gutter somewhere from a cocaine overdose on the street, skin, but I never gave up and looked where I am now,” she said.

Kerry also revealed that she is “madly in love” with Ryan – although she doesn’t like to call him the love of her life.

“I’m not going to say Ryan is the love of my life. I’ve had so many loves in my life, but I’m so in love with Ryan. Don’t get me wrong, we’re arguing, but it doesn’t take long. I am a handful. “

The couple’s app that Kerry reveals is Ryan’s “Baby,” which launched earlier this week and already has more than 10,000 users.

“The reception was incredible,” confirmed Ryan. “It got off to a really good start.”

Kerry and Ryan
Kerry found her happy with Ryan (Credit: ITV)

“I thought I was allergic to men”

“I just think there are so many people out there who relate to me,” added Kerry.

“I was divorced, married, divorced, widowed, I just thought, maybe I’m just allergic to it, or just allergic to men.

“So I just had to work on myself for two years and learn to love myself and hit a dating app. It was all in the newspapers that I had on this app. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of it.

“We had a date the day the kids were in school and it was a very slower burner for me. I was very scared, I felt like I can’t make my kids do it again. I don’t want another failed marriage or relationship, but it was just a really, very natural process.

“We are engaged three years later. It was completely different, very slow and steady. We did it right, ”she said.

“This is Ryan’s baby”

Kerry added, “The whole dating app idea was Ryan, this is his baby. This is something he wanted to create and our journey reflects the dating app.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, I know there are so many people out there who are so unlucky in love that they just give up and end up alone.

“I think people see me as an inspiration. If I gave up I’d be a cat lady with a million cats now. Do not give up. I went to a dating app and found Ryan.

“And if I can do that after all the mistakes I’ve been through, then I want other people to try to come along on the journey we were on.”

Marnii is an exciting new dating app developed by Kerry Katona and her fiancé Ryan Mahoney. Marnii is available for iPhone and Android and provides singletons with a safe platform on which to find their happy future. Find out more Here.

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