Kerry Katona’s daughter Lilly turned down the show

On the latest Love Island news, Lilly McFadden, Kerry Katona’s 18-year-old daughter, announced that she had declined to appear on Love Island.

Loud OK! Lilly was wanted by ITV bosses for participation in the summer reality series.

Lilly didn’t want to flaunt her body or turn on the romance at the infamous Love Island mansion, however.

Lilly McFadden has strong reservations about trying a scripted reality career (Source: YouTube)

Love Island news: “It’s not me”

Lilly, whose father is Brian McFadden of Westlife, turned down the idea of ​​being part of the show – even though she thinks it’s fun to watch.

She said that magazine: “Being romantic or getting my body out – it’s not me. It’s not a diss for Love Island or the people who keep going there, but I hate PDAs. “

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Lilly said she had a boyfriend for two years and never wanted to be touched by him in public.

She wasn’t even interested in holding hands in the pub.

Love Island “would kill her nan”

Lilly values ​​how viewers enjoy the show, but admitted having concerns about how her family would take her.

She continued, “For most people, going into the mansion and being surrounded by all these handsome men is a dream. For me it would be my worst nightmare. “

My friend says I’m going to change the world, not my bikini!

Most importantly, it would “kill” her father’s mother, her Irish Catholic mother.

Think ahead

Lilly also believes her father wouldn’t be too keen on her involvement with Love Island.

However, she claims to be old enough to make her own decisions. But she will always include his opinion in her deliberations.

Still, she believes Mum Kerry will be fully on board.

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But the bigger problem for Lilly is where a Love Island stint would lead.

While Lilly doesn’t rule out a career in showbiz, she was admitted to law school by two universities.

Love Island News: Kerry Katona's daughter Lilly McFadden turned down Love Island's opportunity
Lilly assumes that mother Kerry Katona would be less disturbed by appearing on Love Island (Credit: YouTube)

She considered: “My friend says I will change the world, not my bikini! And who would take me seriously as a lawyer if I had been to Love Island? “

But Lilly still dreams of becoming a movie star and cites 17-year-old actress Milly Bobby Brown as her inspiration.

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