Kevin and Debbie die after being locked in a refrigerator?

A new coronation road revealed that Kevin and his sister Debbie are in great danger after being locked in a giant refrigerator. Will they both survive?

Recently, Debbie told Abi that she killed her criminal business partner, Ray. While Debbie Ray appeared to have helped, she actually intended to drop it off.

In the trailer, Debbie Ray says the deal is closed. Meanwhile, Abi tries to call Kevin to tell him that Debbie lied about killing Ray.

Ray soon tosses Debbie in the bistro’s fridge after apparently figuring out she wanted to set it up.

Kevin and Debbie are locked in the fridge by Ray (Credit: ITV)

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However, Kevin soon appears and tries to help his sister out of the refrigerator. But things change when Kevin and Debbie are locked in the fridge.

When Abi tries to find her boyfriend, Kevin asks his sister to stay awake while the hypothermia sets in. Will both survive?

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Will Kevin and Debbie Die?

Spoilers for next week’s episodes reveal Abi and Faye go to the bistro to look for clues, to see if they can find Kevin and Debbie.

However, when the hypothermia hits Kevin and he passes out, Abi and Faye hear a noise from the refrigerator and soon discover that someone is in there.

Abi opens the fridge (Image credit: ITV)

Abi manages to open the door while Faye fetches Craig.

When Kevin and Debbie are loaded into the ambulance, a dazed Kevin reveals that it was Ray who locked them there. Craig soon broadcasts his boss to let him know that it was an attempted murder.

Will Kevin and Debbie be okay? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Later in the hospital, Abi falls on one knee and proposes Kevin. He accepts with pleasure.

But will he and Debbie be okay? And will Ray evade justice?

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