Kian actor Ramin Karimloo speaks out after the figure died in shock

Holby City actor Ramin Karimloo – who played the doomed Kian on the show – paid tribute to fans and colleagues after his character was killed last night (Tuesday June 22).

The 42-year-old actor left Holby City after two years on the hit medical show.

What did Ramin Karimloo – who plays Kian in Holby City – say to the fans?

Ramin took to Instagram, leaving fans a long message as well as a clipboard from the show, which marked his final episode.

“I just wanted to stay one season,” he said.

“It was so damn fun that the two of me stayed. What a pleasure to go in daily and play this character and arc from start to finish. Loved everything and wouldn’t have changed anything.

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“Big thanks to the producers and writers for supporting and writing my crazy off-screen schedule.

After praising the production staff and the people behind the scenes, Ramin then turned to fans.

“After all, it was amazing to meet a lot of new people through the show who supported me, the character and @bbcholbycity – all the best to everyone.”

Kian said goodbye to Holby last night (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Kian in last night’s episode?

In last night’s devastating episode, Kian struggled for his life after overdosing on the medication he had reverted to.

Although Chloe did her best to save her, Kian did not respond to attempts to resuscitate him.

It was left to Fletch, Jeong, and Lucky to feel guilty about his death – each one felt responsible.

Andrei, whose life Kian helped save, was deeply affected by his death.

How did the audience react to the episode?

Viewers were also hit by Kian’s death and went to Twitter to share their emotions.

A spectator cried, “Kian’s body is in the morgue and Jeong will see it … pure pain.

“I suffer.”

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“Kian no !!! No !!! “another pleaded.

A third said, “Goodbye Kian. I’m still crying, ”followed by a scream emoji.

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